Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Opa and Nina are here!

Today Opa and Nina flew in for the weekend festivities!!! The kids and I went to pick them up at the airport while Brad maned the grill. Owen was SO excited to be going to the airport to pick up Opa and Nina, I think he must have told me 100+ plus times about it on our 25 minute drive there!!! : )

Owen colored a sign and I helped by writing the words! He was excited to hold it up for them! Addyson wasn't too sure who we were looking for but she was helping us look!!!
He see Opa!!!!
He was so excited that he went running after Opa, crossing the big "Do Not Enter" mat and set off the alarm. This was actually the second time he did that. The first time he just got a little close and I was too busy keeping Addyson from trying to walk down the stairs that I didn't catch him. We were in BIG TROUBLE with security and told if he happened again we would have to leave. : (
Well silly Opa left Nina downstairs in the bathroom and so we couldn't leave! She was waiting for him downstairs and we had NO WAY of getting ahold of her so it took forever before she came up to find us. "Nina, where are you?"
Owen-"I see Nina!" Me- "Dad, hold on to him!!!"
We were finally all together and couldn't wait to get back to the house. Owen was a big help and helped Nina with her suitcase!
Brad had yummy chicken wings and grilled veggies waiting for us with cold beer!!!!
After dinner, Opa and Nina took the kids for a walk. What a great evening!!! We are so glad you are here for a visit Opa and Nina!!!
"Opa, where are you?"

Notice the security guard coming after our sweet, little Owen. We almost got kicked out of the airport.

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