Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shake's for everyone!

We thought the perfect ending to this beautiful day would be a family trip to Shake's!!!  This was our first trip of the season and everyone was excited!
We love that they hand out baby cones for the kids and they have always been the perfect size for Owen.  Unfortunatly, not every place has baby cones so he is getting a bit use to have a "big" cone.  When daddy handed this one to him he said, "No, that's Addyson's!"  We convienced him this one was bigger and was his and he gladly took it!!! : )
Addyson didn't want to be left out!  I love how she starts reaching up to get hers and she is making a "who" sound so she can be heard and not forgotten!!!
I then found this picture and couldn't resist putting it on here!  Look at Skip?  "Where's mine?" he wants to know!
First taste of Shake's!!!  : )
She loved it!!!!  I bet she is looking forward to many more trips!!!  And is happy to be old enough to finally know for herself what all the fuss is about!
It didn't take Owie long to gobble his up!
And true to character, Brad didn't want to be left out of the "ice cream on face" photos!!! : )
The dogs are so happy Shake's gives out free puppy cups!!!  They just want to know if there are free refills!  I love watching them lick their bowl clean and then they head over to the other's bowl and give it a lick to see if there are any leftovers! : )
What a great ending to this beautiful day!!!  Now it is bath time!!!! : )

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