Thursday, April 22, 2010

UofA Farm Event

This evening we went to the Farm Event put on by the University of Arkansas!  We went to this event last year, when Addyson was just a couple of weeks old, and Owen had a blast!  I started planning right away to go this year and was excited to see how Owen would react a year older and I couldn't wait to see what Addyson would think about animals.  It is funny to look back at the old pictures and see Owen as a baldy!!!  Look how little he was.  He was really brave about touching animals but didn't start out that way this time.
He loved running from one cage to the next calling out the animal he saw!!!  He got really excited but kept his distance. 
Addyson was also excited to see all the animals up close but it didn't take long before she got a bit spooked and wanted to keep her distance.  I think seeing animals bigger than Skip and Sam was a bit of a surprise for her!!! ; )
She prefered to look from her stroller and get "up close" to the animals that were on the opposite side of their cage from her!
After watching several of his friends pet the different animals, Owen decided he would be brave and give it a try!!!  It is amazing what peer pressure can do even at this age!  I was so proud of him and you could tell that he was proud of himself too!!!  This cow was the first animal he petted.  When he made contact he had a surprised look on his face!!!  When nothing bad followed, he gave it another try!!!
And another try!!!  (Here is Ana Maria beside him.  We went with her last year.  I can't believe how young she is in the old pictures!!!  It is amazing how they all have changed so much in one year!!!)
Watching everyone pet the animals must have looked like fun because Addyson also gave it a try!!!  Of course, I had to pick an animal about the size of her puppies for her to even entertain the idea!
I think I was most impressed when Owen HELD the baby chick!!!!  It took him a few minutes before he would try it but once he did, he was hooked!!!  He got brave enough to pick it up by himself and hold it!!!  He made his momma proud!!! ; )
Addyson also got to feel the soft baby chick!!!  If you have never been to this awesome event, you must put it on your calender for next year!!!  I know it is on mine!!!!  Since it is about the same time of year, it is neat to see just how much your children have changed not only looks wise but also in their behavior and views of the world.  I can't wait for next year!

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