Monday, May 31, 2010

End of a Long Weekend

We have had a wonderful long weekend and have spent most of it outside with family and friends!!!  This little picnic table has gotten a lot of use!!!  Tonight Brad grill organic buffalo burgers, corn, zucchini, and I made homemade sweet potato fries and salad!!!  Yummy!!!
We couldn't wait to dig in!!!!
Another family summer favorite is cob!
Smoked on the grill..... SO YUMMY!!!!!
For dessert, we had fresh blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries with angle food cake and ice cream!
Everyone saved room for this yummy dessert!
Is Mom gonna eat hers or can I have it????
After dinner, we all relaxed in the backyard and enjoyed the evening!!!  That usually means the kids end up with their clothes off so they can get in the pool and Addyson usually finds an empty beer can... a bit backwoods, I know!  But, its how the Brewsters do it!!! : )
What a great long weekend!

Somebody's Knocking at the Door

Today, while folding clothes I thought I heard something knocking on the door that leads to the garage. I thought maybe Owen had gotten up from nap and made it outside without me knowing. I opened the door and was shocked to see who came to visit. Now I know why no one in our neighborhood leaves their garage door open!!!!


Brad took Owen fishing for the first time today!!! Brad has been dreaming about this day since we found out we were having a son!!! Then, we we realized that we were moving close to this pond Brad got even more excited. They can just walk down the street and fish away!! There are not a lot of fish in this pond and since there is tons of fertilizer in the water from the golf course we would never eat the fish but that doesn't stop the two of them from having a good time!
Owen caught his first fish!!!!! I was so bummed to miss it! Addyson was napping so the boys went without us. Brad said Owen squealed with excitement that was so loud he was surprised I didn't hear him at the house.
After all that excitement, they caught another fish!!!!
And another!!!!!
What a great first fishing trip for Owen!!! I'm sure there will be many more!!! He came home and told me all about his fishing experience. He was so excited he couldn't get all his words out!!! As soon as he woke up from his nap he asked to go again (he asked SEVERAL times over and over again). I hope we haven't created a monster!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Tonight we had a potluck supper with some of our friends.  We've figured out that if we made a get together "potluck" we get together more often!  Sharing the cooking responsibility takes the pressure off one family to do it all which makes that family (I'm really talking about me because I get really overwhelmed cooking for groups) what to have people over more often!  It is also fun to try new things!!!  I have a habit of cooking the same thing over and over again because I know how to do it and it is good!
Aly, Kirk, and Ian came and brought veggies with a yummy cucumber dip and chocolate applesauce cake for dessert.  Jay and Jacob came (Angela was sick) and brought a baked bean dish and scalloped potatoes.  My mom and Kellen came as well and since it was last minute I asked her to bring coleslaw from KFC!!!  One of my favorites!!!  Brad smoked a whole chicken on the grill with some sweet potatoes.  Everything was delicious!
Addyson finished early and decided that baby needed to come outside to eat.
She was determined to get her out all by herself!!!
She did it!!!!
Can you guess what they are eating now by looking at Ian's face???
If you were wondering if chocolate applesauce cake was any good, I think this should answer your question!
Addyson is a grazer!!  That girl eats all night long and eats off everyone's plate!!!  No one's plate goes untouched!!!  I love how, even though there is cake on the plate she goes for the carrot!!!
Gotta dip it in that yummy cucumber dip!!!!
Owen doesn't skip a beat eating his cake..... he just eats around her!
After dinner, the boys got the great idea to start throwing water on people!!!  Here they are ganging up on Kellen who, I must say, was a GREAT sport!!
Next it was Nammie's turn to get wet!!!  Don't worry, she held her own again those two boys!
Great action shot!!!!  They played this game for about an hour and were laughing the whole time!!!
Addyson decided that playing with the ball was a bit "safer" than getting in the mix with those big boys!
He looks up to no good.....
Just when she thought the game was over......
What a great night with family and friends!!!  We are so blessed!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sharing Snack

"Let me try one of those Owie."
"Aren't those good Addyson?!?!"
"Here, I'll share with you!""
"Awww, thanks for sharing!!!!"
I think this might be my favorite picture of the summer.  Look at her face as she gives him a big squeeze and pulls his cheek back!!!  Love it!!! : )
"Here Addyson, why don't you take this one?"
"Here!!!  Take this one!!!"
As Owen try to pawn off the ones he doesn't like yet Addyson is so independent she wants to get them herself!  Isn't sharing great!?!?!


You know it is officially summer when you take your first bite of watermelon!!!
"What was that I just ate???"
Watermelon to Owen is an old friend!!!  A summer favorite!!
"Mmmmmm, watermelon in my belly!!!!"
Here's to a summer of eating watermelon and other kinds of summer goodies in the backyard!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby Doll

Today while the kids napped I went to Target with mom.  I was looking for a kiddie pool to set up for this hot long weekend and I had been wanting to get Addyson a baby doll.  We had great success at Target and found both!!!  Addyson woke up from her nap and I showed her the box.  Her face just lit up!!!  I couldn't get the doll out fast enough.
Right away she gave baby a hug!!!
She inspected her outfit and the cute flower on her overalls.
Gave the baby her paci.
Took her for a ride in the new stroller.
And burped the baby.
Like a little momma, she had to hold the paci in her mouth while juggling the baby and trying to get her in the stroller!!!  Isn't it amazing how little girls are born to be nurturing mommas!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

School Performance

Tonight was Owen's end of the school year performance. It was so cute and I got lots of video for those of you that couldn't be there to see it! They started out by marching all the kids in with their class. Here comes Owen's call. I thought it was so cute how he was looking for us as he walked by all the rows. We weren't sitting in the middle though, we actually ended up with perfect seats at the side!! His class was right in front of us! He didn't see us until a little girl in his class, Emilie, said "There's Owen's mommy!!!" then he looked and smiled real big!!!
I was bummed when we didn't get seats up close in the middle but when I saw where Owen was sitting I was so glad we didn't have those "perfect seats"!!! Ours ended up being much better! Mom, Kellen, and Aric all came to watch the show and support Owen. He was so glad to see all of us there!
They acted out the story of Noah's Ark with talking parts and songs. It was super cute! I loved hearing full versions of songs Owen has been singing bits and pieces of for months! Apparently, they have been practicing for this every day at school for a while. All that hard work and practice paid off!
Owen was one of the only kids in his class that participated the whole time. I was so proud of him!!!
Each class took a turn getting up on the stage and singing their "solo" song and the other classes were encouraged to sing along with. Here are two of the 2 year old classes for their turn.
One of the best parts was watching Addyson's reaction to seeing her big brother!!! She would wave to him and squeal!!!
And she would clap for him!!! So cute!!! And Owen was very appreciative of this as well. Right now, having sister squeal for you is a cool thing!!! Let's see how he feels in 10 years!
After the one year olds performed they were sent to go sit with their families. Rosemary is Owen's teacher so she had to stay with her class and her husband was gone for a tennis trip so Ana Maria came and sat with us. Addyson was happy to see her friend!
Throughout the performance Owen would give us a big grin!!! : ) You could tell he was having a good time!
This is one of my favorite shots. Emilie has loved Owen since the first day of school. Here she is showing him how much she cares!!! Good thing her daddy didn't see this!!! ; )

The school had a slide show after the performance to show pictures of the kids throughout the year which was really sweet. Then they had cookies and juice for everyone. We followed it up with pizza at Gusano's with Kellen, Aric, Rosemary, and Ana Maria. What a fun night!