Saturday, May 1, 2010

Addyson's Baptism

Today was Addyson's big day in the church. Well for us Catholics I guess it is the first big day of many. Today was the day that Brad and I choose to confirm Addyson's religion for her and raise her as a Catholic. What I like about our faith is that when the children are older they get to "choose" to be Catholic and are confirmed in their faith which happens to be another big day for them!

My mom started the tradition with Owen that she would like to make (or have made) the baptism outfit the kids would wear and the white garment that goes on the child once they have been baptized with the Holy Water and when possible, all of the grandchildren would wear the same outfits and white garment. Well we tend to baptize our kids a bit late, 9+ months, so cousin Troy wasn't able to wear the same outfit but luckily the white garment is a OS deal! Mom also likes to get the kids dressed at the church which sounds like fun until you are trying to dress a VERY active one year old and keep the white outfit white!
Somehow mom managed to get it done! : )
Here is our beautiful family before everyone arrived. Can you tell we are looking at a couple of different cameras??? I think each one of us is looking at a different one. Our friend Lori took a bunch of pictures and I'm hoping she got some good ones but I couldn't wait another day to blog about our weekend!
Father baptized two children today, Addyson and Hunter. Hunter looked to be about 6-8 weeks old and looking at him and then looking at our walking one year old we felt a bit bad awkward that we had waited so long but it is what worked for us. People that came to Owen's baptism didn't make the trip for his 1st birthday and vice versa and for us, we want people at both events! That's why we decided to celebrate both big events on the same day and thankfully most of our family and friends were able to make it!

We choose Chris, Brad's brother, and Kathy, my mother, to be Addyson's Godparents. Each one of them brings a unique set of attributes and characteristics to Addyson's life, they are both very different but compliment each other well and we are honored that they stepped into such a roll. Addyson is one lucky girl!
Addyson was such a big girl when Father poured the Holy Water on her head!!! She didn't cry once! Of course, she spent the whole time trying to sit up and get out of the stream but, she didn't cry! After being blessed, each Godfather is asked to go light the child's baptism candle off of the big baptism candle to represent the Light of Christ that will shine in Addyson's life. It is up to us as the parents and Godparents to make sure to guide Addyson in life and always remind her of Jesus's love for her.
The last thing Father did was give each parent an individual blessing. I was really touched by this gesture and thankful for the extra blessing. I pray every day to have the strength to be a portion of the mother that Mary was to Jesus and I feel that is what gives me the patience and guidance to get through each day. That extra little blessing will get me through this next year!!! : )
Here we are as a group; parents, Godparents,Baptized, and Father.
And here is the whole group that was here to support Addyson today. Thank you to everyone that came. It meant the world to us!
After all the excitement has passed and most people have left, mom likes to take the baby and introduce him/her to Jesus. She takes them up to the alter where the blessed Sacrament is and talks to them about Jesus.
What an afternoon!!! Too much excitement for a little girl! Welcome to the Catholic Church Addyson!!!

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