Monday, May 3, 2010

Afternoon Walks

I love the area around where we live!!!  We are surrounded by the golf course and protected wetlands!!!  This means we see lots of great wildlife at all times of the day and we have a great place to walk to!!!  The kids wake up a bit "hard" from afternoon naps, much like their mom, and the best cure for that is to go outside!  So, that's exactly what we do!!!!
I load up the wagon with my two little ones, usually with Skip in tow, and head out!  No, that is not Owen's hair blowing in the wind!  It is crazy bed head that didn't get fixed.  I must have been in a hurry to get out the door that day!
Addyson loves to walk up and down the sidewalk picking flowers while Owen throws rocks.  Addyson has been watching brother throw rocks and has decided that she can do it too!!!  I'm quite impressed because this is a 2 year old skill!
There are tons of rocks to throw and we have taken bread to throw to the fish but haven't had much luck getting them to nibble on it.  We have had lots of luck spotting wildlife here in the water!  We have seen fish, frogs, turtles, a snake, and we have a resident beaver that we often see!!!
Not to mention all the little bugs we see crawling around or all the birds we see flying around including vultures and hawks!!!  The kids love to get down and explore all the little things they see!!!!  And Addyson is not afraid to touch or pick up any slimy thing!
One day there was a boy fishing this little "stream" and that made for a new adventure for the kids!  Owen had tons of fun just watching him fish!  Right away he called his daddy and asked him if they could go fishing when he got home!  The boy offered to let the kids look through his tackle box but I knew that would only end in disaster thanks to Addyson.  He didn't mind them watching as he tied on new lures and that was the perfect compromise for me!

We have so much fun on our afternoon walks and gets us all in the right mood to have a great evening!!!  This is especially needed on those nights when Brad is out of town!  It is amazing what a bit of fresh air and sunshine can do for a person!

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Dave and Jenn said...

Have you guys seen any bunnies lately? We've started seeing quite a few on our end.