Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby Doll

Today while the kids napped I went to Target with mom.  I was looking for a kiddie pool to set up for this hot long weekend and I had been wanting to get Addyson a baby doll.  We had great success at Target and found both!!!  Addyson woke up from her nap and I showed her the box.  Her face just lit up!!!  I couldn't get the doll out fast enough.
Right away she gave baby a hug!!!
She inspected her outfit and the cute flower on her overalls.
Gave the baby her paci.
Took her for a ride in the new stroller.
And burped the baby.
Like a little momma, she had to hold the paci in her mouth while juggling the baby and trying to get her in the stroller!!!  Isn't it amazing how little girls are born to be nurturing mommas!!!

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