Sunday, May 23, 2010

Deanna Rose

Today we spent the day with Julie, Russ, and baby Ana! Julie is a high school friend of Brad's and she just had baby Ana about 2 weeks ago. Meeting her for the first time was another reason we wanted to spend the weekend in KC!!! We ate breakfast at a neat cafe and then headed to Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. On the way, Addyson fell asleep so we made a short detour and went to see Russ and Julie's house so Addyson could nap and be ready for our event of the day!
This little farm is such a neat place!!! During the week it is free to get in and on weekends it is $2! They have lots of animal exhibits and TONS of play places for the kids to run around! First stop was the chicken coop! I love how Addyson waved to all the animals we saw!!!
If you follow the path, you come across the cow barn next. They had a couple of different breeds to see and this little guy is only a couple of weeks old!!! In this barn you can pretend to milk a cow and they have a milking demonstration a couple of times a day!
Here is baby Ana inside her first barn!!! : ) We can't wait to go back here with her when she is older!
There was a great Indian exhibit where you could go inside a bit tepee and see how the Indians lived and then they had this smaller one for the kids to play in. Here is Owen trying to get Addyson to go inside. She was not too sure about going in.
What was super cute was that she went over to Russ and grabbed his hand for her to take him in! So sweet! I was a bit surprised because the last time she saw Russ she was just a couple of months old but she must know that Russ is a loving and caring guy and she really trusted him!
Next we saw goats trying to eat the small patches of grass on the outside of the fence from them. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side!!! : )
Owen decided to help the little guy out!
Next we headed to buy a bottle to feed the goats milk. Like most goats, they were a bit aggressive!
The kids weren't too sure what to think about it all! But, it was a neat experience!
They also had fishing for the kids!!! They had tons of rods and you could buy a bucket of worms for a couple of dollars!!!!
There was a loop set up for the kids to ride the tractors around!! Addyson tried to do "no hands" and didn't get very far so Owen tried to help by giving her a push!!! Not a great idea when you are doing "no hands"! Luckily dad was close by!!
The last thing we did was let Owen ride the horse!! He was so excited! We were a bit nervous because it said the parents could not go with or walk beside the child so I wasn't sure if Owen would go for that. But, he did!!! He got on like a big boy and they were off!! He enjoyed the whole ride and it was a pretty big circle 8 that they walked around. It was so much fun to watch him!
There we tons of babies and mommies and daddies walking around. We had so much fun looking at everything and enjoying the beautiful day!!! Next time we go to KC, a visit to Deanna Rose is a must!!!

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