Monday, May 3, 2010

First Words

Addyson has said her first word(S)!!!!!! Not only did she said A word but she said several in the matter of a couple of days. I guess she has been saving them up for a special occasion!!!! She knows that dad requires more than mom to hear a word for it to count in his book! ; )

Balloon was her first word! (besides mama and dada)- May 1, 2010, the day of her party, she pointed to the bunch of balloons my mom brought and said "boon" and "baoon"

Opa was her next big word!- May 2, 2010, that morning we were standing around talking to Opa and she looked at him and said "Opa" Boy was my dad happy!

Baby was next- May 2, 2010, that evening everyone was gone and we were playing outside with the Austin Brewsters. Simon's blanket was on the swing and Addyson picked it up. I told her that was for the baby and she brought it over to Aunt Holly who was hold Simon, handed it to her, and said "baby"

Ball came next- May 2, 2010, while outside, Owen and Lucy were playing ball. Addyson pointed to what they were playing with and said "ba". She did this several times.

Airplane was the last word is this stretch of words- May 3, 2010, while on our afternoon walked we saw an airplane flying in the sky. Owen screamed "Airplane" and Addyson pointed and said "apane"

I can't wait to hear what her next word will be!!!!

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