Monday, May 31, 2010


Brad took Owen fishing for the first time today!!! Brad has been dreaming about this day since we found out we were having a son!!! Then, we we realized that we were moving close to this pond Brad got even more excited. They can just walk down the street and fish away!! There are not a lot of fish in this pond and since there is tons of fertilizer in the water from the golf course we would never eat the fish but that doesn't stop the two of them from having a good time!
Owen caught his first fish!!!!! I was so bummed to miss it! Addyson was napping so the boys went without us. Brad said Owen squealed with excitement that was so loud he was surprised I didn't hear him at the house.
After all that excitement, they caught another fish!!!!
And another!!!!!
What a great first fishing trip for Owen!!! I'm sure there will be many more!!! He came home and told me all about his fishing experience. He was so excited he couldn't get all his words out!!! As soon as he woke up from his nap he asked to go again (he asked SEVERAL times over and over again). I hope we haven't created a monster!!!

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