Saturday, May 22, 2010

Graduation Party

One of our reason for going to KC this weekend was for my cousin's graduation party.  Actually, it is my cousin, Dianne's daughter Bailey.  She is graduating from high school and we thought it would be a nice opportunity to visit some family we don't get to see that often.  Here is Addyson talking with Elise and her mom Michelle (please don't get mad at me for posting this pic!!!).
They had a fiesta themed party so we were prepared!!!!  Does Addyson's outfit look familiar????  They got a HUGE blow up obstacle course for the kids to play in.  Addyson is trying to convince Elise to take her to go play!
They had yummy food catered by an awesome Mexican restaurant in town and an edible arrangement for fruit!!!  Owen is chowing down!!!
My cousin has a cookie business called OMG cookies and so she made a ton for her daughter's party.  Here is Owen sampling his 4th cookie!!!  I think if we lived closer he'd be requesting some of her yummy cookies for his party!
Addyson loves to play with the big kids and she takes so easily to older girls.  She just loves Elise.  Addyson walked in where the kids were playing, backed up to Elise, and sat on her lap.  So cute!!!  Elise made sure Addyson didn't mess up the game and I was thankful to have an extra set of eyes watching her.  Dianne has big kids (her youngest is about 9, Auggie, he was our ring bearer) so they have lots of tiny pieces floating around and Addyson always had something in her mouth!

I can't believe I take any more pictures than this!  I must have been too busy talking!  I have no pictures of the guest of honor either! : (  Well I have Michelle (Dianne's oldest sister and my namesake) and her daughter.  Sorry everyone else!  It was a great party!  Thanks for having us!  Congratulations Bailey!!!  We are so proud of you!!  Good luck on your new adventures!!!  We know you'll go far!!!

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