Friday, May 14, 2010

Gymnastics Joes

This morning we met a lot of MOMS Club members at Gymnastics Joe's for an open gym the gym hosts just for us!!!  It was POURING rain all morning so I really hesitated going.  I knew we would get beyond soaked just getting to the door but the thought of being cooped up in the house ALL day with 2 kids full of energy was enough motivation to get me out the door!!!  We had the gym from 10-11am but I didn't get out the door until 10:15 with my crew.  Lucky for me, the rain stopped just as we were leaving the house!!!  For an extra bonus, Gymnastics Joe's gave us an extra 30 minutes to be there since a lot of us showed up late!!!  Thanks guys!!!!
I wondered if there would be many people there.  I figured a lot of them would stay home because of the rain but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to a gym FULL of kids!!!  I think all of us moms were thinking the same thing!!!!  Get these kids out and burn off their energy!!!
The gym has a couple of trampolines in the floor which is super nice!!  You don't have to worry about the kids falling off!!!  They also have a tumble tramp that leads to this great foam pit as well as a couple of beans and a small bar set!!!  My kids spent a lot of time in the foam pit and on the tramps.  Addyson had no fear about getting in there with the big kids!
The kids love to throw the blocks at each other but especially at the adults!!!  Here is Owen trying to hit Eduardo, Ana Maria's Papa.
Addyson noticed Eduardo picking up blocks to throw so she decided to help him out!!! I thought it was so sweet when she started handing him blocks to throw!!!!  Guess she felt like he was getting ganged up on and could use the extra help!!! : )
Look at that sweaty boy!!!  That's a sign of a good time and LOTS of energy burned off!!!  After we left the gym, we went and had lunch with Bonnie, Caroline, and Thomas, so sweet friends of ours that we recently met through Rosemary.  We also did a bit of shopping and then headed home for naps!  It was a great morning and a perfect way to spend a rainy day!

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