Friday, May 21, 2010

Hotel Swimming

When we travel we always try to stay at a hotel with a pool especially when we travel for Brad's work.  The kids and I love having a relaxing morning in the room, eating a continental breakfast (a breakfast I don't have to prepare or clean up after), and then heading to the pool for a swim before nap!
We brought our floating dolphin tube to put Addyson in but Brad took the car with him to work and forgot the dolphin was in there.  I wasn't sure how I was going to manage two toddlers that can't swim in a pool without floaties for either of them so I was a bit nervous to head to the pool.  I had already told Owen we were swimming so there was no backing out.
Everything ended up working out just fine!!  Addyson was so brave and go into and out of the pool all by herself!!!
She was so proud of herself!!!!
She also went and checked to see if daddy had come home from work! : )  I think she liked having the freedom to go where she wanted and miss independent wanted to explore!
Owen is getting braver when it comes to swimming.  Even though he has had swimming lessons in the past and we spend a lot of time in the pool during the summer and when we travel he is still a bit uneasy around water.  He likes to stay in the shallow end (water to his belly or below) and then he'll "swim" on his belly if he can put his hands down on the ground and his head can stay above the water.
So he LOVES to play on the stairs in the pool because he can test different levels at his own pace and he has the railing to hold on to.
Today he went down to the bottom stair and I was SO proud!!!  This is a big accomplishment for him!!!  I can't wait for all of our trips to the pool this summer!

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