Tuesday, May 18, 2010


One of the moms in the MOMS Club, Sandra, does a monthly craft project for the kids.  This was our first time to go and we had so much fun! Sandra had 3 projects for the kids to do; plant a sunflower seed, grow a bean in a clear bag, and construct a flower out of shapes for the kids body.
First, we made a holder for the plant out of newspaper and then we filled it with dirt.  I made the holder and Owen was in charge of filling it up with dirt.
Of course Addyson wanted to help to.  I think this handful went in her mouth instead of our holder!
I loved watching Owen work so hard to get all the dirt in the cup while trying not to spill any.  He took great pride in doing this all by himself!!!  We then picked out a seed and stuck it in the dirt and gave it a bit of water.  Next, we got a dried bean and placed it in a ziplock back with a wet papertowel.  The kids will be able to watch the bean sprout and grow roots!!  I can't wait!!!!
The last project was making the flower!  We used 4 hand cut outs for the petals, 2 feet cut outs for the leaves, a strip of paper that was the length of the arm from the elbow to wrist for the stem, and a circle for the stigma (I didn't hear what this was suppose to correlate with so I just cut a random size).  Sounds easy but, it was A LOT of work to make one for each kid while trying to keep my eye on Addyson to make sure she wasn't trying to eat dirt of take off down Sandra's slopping driveway!
I was pleased with how they turned out!!!
Owen wanted to make a flower too but, I was a bit nervous about letting him use scissors for the first time especially since I wasn't supervising him!  He wasn't taking "No" for an answer so I let him give it a try.  He did great and really enjoyed it!!!  Look at that concentration on his face!!!  Guess I need to go buy a pair of kid scissors!!!

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