Sunday, May 16, 2010

Making Brownies

When Brad is out of town for long periods of time, like these past couple of weeks, I end up spending a lot of time with my mom.  I get really bored staying at home by myself with the kids.  I know you are probably wondering how life can be boring with 2 young kids and I guess "boring" is the wrong word, it gets a bit lonely.  I miss the adult interaction.  I meet up with friends as much as I can but they have lives too and don't always have time to get together.  No biggie, my kids love spending time with their Nammie!
She does fun things with them like baking brownies which, is good times for the kids and a bit relaxing for me!!!  I get help entertaining them and it gives me a bit of a break.  I can run an errand or two or just sit back on the couch and observe all the fun!
And sometimes wonder if my mom let me lick a chocolate coated knife as a 2 year old.  I doubt that!!!  Actually I know better!!!  I wasn't allowed to have cookies until I was 5 or something like that!!  I have relatives tell me stories about how they felt bad for me so they would sneak me a cookie or two and make me promise not to tell my mom!!!
 Hard to believe that same lady handed my 1 year old the spatula to lick!!! : )  Guess that's the difference between mom and grandma!
But, how can you resist when you get a sweet face like this looking back at you after just one lick!!!

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