Friday, May 21, 2010

No Toys Needed

As I've blogged before, I have a tendency to over pack.  WAY over pack!  As I'm walking out the door I find a thing or two or three that I have to grab and stuff in some bag for fear that I'll need it at some point along our journey.  In reality, I probably never use that thing.... or other thing.... or the other thing I grabbed.
When it comes to packing toys for the kids, I tend to pack a bag or two and and handful of something else to give them while they sit in the car seat.  You would think I would have learned my lesson by now..... no toys are needed!!!!!  Both kids have great imaginations and can turn just about anything into a toy or game!
Here, Owen showed me how to play "Tack".  I've never played before and I don't think he has either.  Here's how you play: gather all the cards in your hand, lay them out one by one and make sure they are touching, when they are all laid out say "Tack", and then pick them all up and start over.  Very easy and very fun.... for him! : )  He played this for almost an hour while Addyson napped.  Look, no toys required!  Just some trading cards out of his Discovery Kids magazine and those take up very little room!
Who needs toys when you can use the luggage cart as a jungle gym????  Makes it a bit hard for mommy to pack up but at least the kids are entertained!
"Hey Owie, isn't this fun?!?!"
No toys are needed when you have brother's head to play drum on!!!  And Owen, well his new thing is picking the dead skin off his feet.  I guess no toys are needed when there is dead skin to be picked!! : )
I have a feeling this is going to be a regular picture in our lives as the kids get older!!! : )
Addyson- "Hey Owen, look at me!"  Owen- "Mom, she is pulling my hair!!!!"
Do Not Disturb signs can also be made into toys!!!!  They can be a bracelet, they can be spun around, they can be thrown in the air and "fly"
And you can put it on your sister's arm and and get her to wear your new bracelet.  Once you show her how to do it, this game can keep her occupied for several minutes!!!!  : )
No toys are needed for this active toddler!!!  Just open the door to the hallway and she is off!!!!  Anyone know where she is going????
Caught her cold handed!!!!  I know this is a bit gross!!!  I told her this EVERY time I went in there after her.  I was so busy chasing her back and forth, made it almost impossible for me to pack up the room!!!  Brad was working and we had to be checked out before he got off so I had to do it all with the kids. Took me about an hour and I worked up a sweat doing it!!!  I think we better think this one through for next time!!!
While I was sweating, Addyson was cooling off!!!  Look at the front of her shirt!!!  I could not keep her out of there!!!  Anyways, my point is, when you travel with kids travel light!!!  There are so many "toys" en route that there is no need for you to bring a bag full like I do!

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