Sunday, May 30, 2010


Tonight we had a potluck supper with some of our friends.  We've figured out that if we made a get together "potluck" we get together more often!  Sharing the cooking responsibility takes the pressure off one family to do it all which makes that family (I'm really talking about me because I get really overwhelmed cooking for groups) what to have people over more often!  It is also fun to try new things!!!  I have a habit of cooking the same thing over and over again because I know how to do it and it is good!
Aly, Kirk, and Ian came and brought veggies with a yummy cucumber dip and chocolate applesauce cake for dessert.  Jay and Jacob came (Angela was sick) and brought a baked bean dish and scalloped potatoes.  My mom and Kellen came as well and since it was last minute I asked her to bring coleslaw from KFC!!!  One of my favorites!!!  Brad smoked a whole chicken on the grill with some sweet potatoes.  Everything was delicious!
Addyson finished early and decided that baby needed to come outside to eat.
She was determined to get her out all by herself!!!
She did it!!!!
Can you guess what they are eating now by looking at Ian's face???
If you were wondering if chocolate applesauce cake was any good, I think this should answer your question!
Addyson is a grazer!!  That girl eats all night long and eats off everyone's plate!!!  No one's plate goes untouched!!!  I love how, even though there is cake on the plate she goes for the carrot!!!
Gotta dip it in that yummy cucumber dip!!!!
Owen doesn't skip a beat eating his cake..... he just eats around her!
After dinner, the boys got the great idea to start throwing water on people!!!  Here they are ganging up on Kellen who, I must say, was a GREAT sport!!
Next it was Nammie's turn to get wet!!!  Don't worry, she held her own again those two boys!
Great action shot!!!!  They played this game for about an hour and were laughing the whole time!!!
Addyson decided that playing with the ball was a bit "safer" than getting in the mix with those big boys!
He looks up to no good.....
Just when she thought the game was over......
What a great night with family and friends!!!  We are so blessed!

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