Monday, May 24, 2010

School Performance

Tonight was Owen's end of the school year performance. It was so cute and I got lots of video for those of you that couldn't be there to see it! They started out by marching all the kids in with their class. Here comes Owen's call. I thought it was so cute how he was looking for us as he walked by all the rows. We weren't sitting in the middle though, we actually ended up with perfect seats at the side!! His class was right in front of us! He didn't see us until a little girl in his class, Emilie, said "There's Owen's mommy!!!" then he looked and smiled real big!!!
I was bummed when we didn't get seats up close in the middle but when I saw where Owen was sitting I was so glad we didn't have those "perfect seats"!!! Ours ended up being much better! Mom, Kellen, and Aric all came to watch the show and support Owen. He was so glad to see all of us there!
They acted out the story of Noah's Ark with talking parts and songs. It was super cute! I loved hearing full versions of songs Owen has been singing bits and pieces of for months! Apparently, they have been practicing for this every day at school for a while. All that hard work and practice paid off!
Owen was one of the only kids in his class that participated the whole time. I was so proud of him!!!
Each class took a turn getting up on the stage and singing their "solo" song and the other classes were encouraged to sing along with. Here are two of the 2 year old classes for their turn.
One of the best parts was watching Addyson's reaction to seeing her big brother!!! She would wave to him and squeal!!!
And she would clap for him!!! So cute!!! And Owen was very appreciative of this as well. Right now, having sister squeal for you is a cool thing!!! Let's see how he feels in 10 years!
After the one year olds performed they were sent to go sit with their families. Rosemary is Owen's teacher so she had to stay with her class and her husband was gone for a tennis trip so Ana Maria came and sat with us. Addyson was happy to see her friend!
Throughout the performance Owen would give us a big grin!!! : ) You could tell he was having a good time!
This is one of my favorite shots. Emilie has loved Owen since the first day of school. Here she is showing him how much she cares!!! Good thing her daddy didn't see this!!! ; )

The school had a slide show after the performance to show pictures of the kids throughout the year which was really sweet. Then they had cookies and juice for everyone. We followed it up with pizza at Gusano's with Kellen, Aric, Rosemary, and Ana Maria. What a fun night!

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