Saturday, May 22, 2010

Swimming with Daddy

We have left OKC and are now in Kansas City.... actually we are in Leawood, KS.  It is a great community and it is MUCH bigger than I thought it was.  We are staying at Aloft Hotel and it is a great new take on hotels!  It is "hip"!  This morning I thought I would stay in the room while Addyson napped and let Brad take Owen down to swim... he's been asking ALL day!  Addyson decided it wasn't nap time so after 30 minutes of trying to get her to sleep we headed downstairs!  I was pleasantly surprised to see Owen kicking and moving his arms while on his belly!!!!  It is amazing what kids will do when mom is not around!!!  I think most of their "act" is for our benefit!
The good thing about indoor hotel pools is that you can swim any time of year.  The bad thing about hotel pools is that you don't control the temperature.  We've stayed in places where the water was warmer than a hot tub and then the next place the water will be freezing cold.  Here, the water was cold!  Addyson wasn't too sure about it!
Me, I was glad I had my swimming time with the kids at the last hotel!  Here, I let Brad swim with the kids!!!  Addyson had fun hanging out with me on the lounge bed!
The water constantly flows over the side of the pool so Addyson had fun splashing in that water!
With daddy right there watching, she though it would be a good opportunity to give him a kiss!!!  Sweet girl!
It was a little hard to reach over so she climbed up for a closer kiss!!! : )  Thanks for swimming with us (in the cold water) daddy!!!!

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