Saturday, May 1, 2010

Uno de Addyson

Today we celebrate Addyson's birthday with a big fiesta!!!  It is 2 weeks after her party but we were trying to coordinate the birthday party with her baptism and Brad's work and to be truthful we wanted a cute theme!  We knew we wanted a Mexican fiesta and with Cinco de Mayo and known party day we thought we'd stick close to that theme and have a Uno de Mayo, Uno de Addyson Party!
 We decorated the backyard with fiesta decorations and pulled out lots of toys for the kids to play with.  The weather was perfect despite the threat of rain and we had all of the tables set up outside!!!!  Thanks to our big backyard, we had tons of room for everyone!!!

We had Raja come play the Spanish guitar for the party which really help set the mood!!!

 We had tacos and nachos catered by Flying Burrito, a family favorite.  We also had chicken, pork, and cheese tamales handmade by some of the Hispanic ladies from our church!!!  The food was SO good!!!  I didn't leave much room for cake.  For the main table, instead of using a colored table cloth, I used pictures of Addyson throughout the year and covered it with a clear plastic.  I did the same for Owen and I really love it!!!  I love going back through all my pictures and seeing how she has changed!!  It also helps force me to print out pictures, not something I'm good at.
We got a yummy Tres Leches cake from the Mexican bakery in Springdale filled with strawberries and peaches for the big cake.  For Addyson, we got a yummy Rick's bakery cake for her to have all to herself!!!!  The cakes were SO yummy and it looks like Addyson really enjoyed hers!!!
We sang "Happy Birthday" while Raja played the guitar and then we let her dig in!!!!!
First bites!!! It didn't take her long to go back for more!!! : )
She likes to swish her fingers in things so I think she had a blast playing in the cake!!!!
I didn't think about giving her a spoon until she had already made a complete mess not really sure why.  Once I gave her the spoon she started to use it.  Can you even see the spoon with all that cake on her hands????
She was so sweet and even shared some cake with mommy!!!
Look at that happy Birthday Girl enjoying her cake!!!!  I had so much fun watching her eat it!! After she was all done I passed her off to Nammie to be cleaned up!!!!  I didn't want that job!!! : )
We "forgot" about poor Owie in all the excitement and hadn't taken him potty all afternoon.  Little guy decided he needed to go and that got our attention! : )
Next, we had a pinata for the kids to break.  I liked this one because it had strings the little kids could pull and then the big kids could use the bat.  Addyson was not a big fan of this funny looking thing!
The other kids had a blast taking a turn at trying to get the goodies out of the pinata....
Until someone knocked its head off and we could no longer tie it up with the string!!!  Brad was going to offer to hold it and then realized that might not be such a good idea!!!  He ended up helping the kids break it open and then it was a free for all to get the goodies!!!!

Due to all the excitement, we forgot to open gifts while everyone was here.  Addyson was really tired so I got her ready for bed and had decided to open gifts in the morning.  Well... she had other ideas.  She wasn't tired after all so we started opening the presents!!!  We did half tonight and will open the rest tomorrow.  She has gotten a lot of great books, clothes, and handmade bows!!!!  Thank you to everyone that came to help us celebrate Addyson's birthday!!!  We hope you had as much fun as we did!!!!  Happy Birthday baby girl!

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