Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Soccer Stars

Today we had a big group of kids from the MOMS Club get together for Mommy and Me Soccer.  I love taking the kids to this but have gotten away from it during the Spring months since the weather was so nice outside.  Now that it is super hot, we've decided to meet for soccer twice a month.  The kids love it!!!!  Owen got new soccer shoes a couple of weeks ago so he was real excited to try them out!!!  I think they helped him run faster and kick more goals!! ; )
Owen runs up and down the field the whole time we are there making goal after goal after goal.  He participates in a few of the organized games but prefers to be able to do his own thing and I let him.  Today was fun because he played a game he has never played before, the horsey game.  We take turns having a "tail" and the other person chases you and tries to get your tail.  He loved it.  Before, he wanted the tail but I couldn't take it I could just chase him.  Today, we took turns and it was a lot of fun. That has been a neat thing about taking him to an activity for over a year, I can see how he grows and matures and gets different aspects of the organized games!
Today I learned that Addyson is a rising star soccer player herself!!!  At 9 months old she took her first step on the soccer field at the All Star Sports Arena.  5 months later she is running up and down the field dribbling the ball.  I was SO impressed!!  And she LOVES it!!!  Stay tuned to hear about her first goal!!!

Soccer is an hour long but after 45 minutes they are DONE!!!  Owen is hot, sweaty, thirsty, hungry, and tired and ready to go and Addyson is all of the above but sweaty.  Guess I can see why, running up and down the field non-stop on those little legs can burn a lot of energy!!!  They usually eats a huge snack in the car and falls asleep on the way home.  Makes for a great morning!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rodeo of the Ozarks

Tonight the kids and I went to the Rodeo of the Ozarks with our friends Lisa, Joe, and Carina.  Joe works for Pepsi and since they are a sponsor of the rodeo we got really good seats!!!  I was so excited when they asked us to go with!!!  I knew the kids would love it!
See the stands behind Owen?  Well the gates are right below them so we had front row seats to all of the action!!!!
Addyson loved seeing all of the horses and was clapping for all of them!!
We had the first row seats so Addyson would get up and peer through the fence to get a closer look!
One of my favorite parts of the rodeo is the mutton bustin'!!!  So cute to see these little 4-5 year old boys hang on to a sheep for dear life!!!
And I love how the rodeo clowns are little guys too!!  This little boy was hammin' it up!! We had fun watching him work!!!
Addyson's new thing is waving to everything and everyone!!!  It was cute to watch her wave to every horse she saw!!!
And no greeting would be complete without blowing a kiss....
It is so nice for me to go places with other people when Brad is out of town.  It is a way to get out and everyone is always so helpful!  Addyson just loves Joe and he is so good with her.  He was a big help to me since it can get hard at times to try to juggle both kids at once.  Thanks for taking us to the Rodeo guys!!  We had a blast!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Owen's Party

For Owen's birthday party all he requested was a backyard party with balloons and chocolate cake.  That was easy enough!!!  We invited over all of his friends and their families for a backyard bbq and he was super excited when they all started showing up!
See those dark clouds in the back ground????  Before Addyson's party we watched the weather like crazy.  For some reason I forgot to check the weather before Owen's party and had NO idea we were expecting rain.  It worked out nicely though, we didn't have much set up outside so when it started to sprinkle we all moved inside.  The rain kept things before hand nice and cool so we told the kids to run around and burn off as much energy as they could before the rain started!
Once it started raining we went inside and did the project I had planned!!!  I had the kids paint tshirts!
We set up a couple of tables in our entryway on the tile floor and let the kids have at it.
 Some kids were big enough to do it on their own and others had their parents help.  I'm a bit bummed I forgot to take a picture of all the end masterpieces!!
 The rain stopped so we sent the kids back outside to play with bubbles!!!  They had a blast running around and popping them!!!  While all this was going on Brad manned the grill with a couple of dads keeping him company!
Here is Owen with his friends Ian and Jacob that he has known since he was about a year old.  They are chowing down on yummy hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, watermelon, tomato salad, and a YUMMY squash medley!  Delicious!!!
Owen didn't want to eat much.  He just wanted to know when was he going to be able to eat chocolate cake.  Boy, was he SO excited to see his cake FINALLY make an appearance!!
Look at those wide eyes!!!  Sweet Birthday Boy!!!
It was SO cute, he helped us sing "Happy Birthday" and when we said his name he got this HUGE grin on his face!!!  I'll post the video soon on the other blog.  He wanted the football and he ate "it" all gone meaning he ate all the icing and left a lot of the cake behind! That's my boy!! : )
Lastly, we opened presents and people started to head home as it was getting late on a Sunday night.  This happy boy went to be with his new Woody doll in one hand and one of his new books in the other and while we talked about our day he made plans to play with all of his new toys in the morning!!!  What a wonderful day!!!  Also, I would like to give a special thanks to Mom, Lisa, Veronica, and David for ALL of your help!!!  For stepping up to help me when Brad had to leave early to head out to work.  I couldn't have gotten the place cleaned up so quick without your help!!!  We have such great family and friends!!!  Thanks for helping us celebrate our little boys special day!

Happy Birthday Owen

I can't believe little man is 3 years old today!!!  Where has the time gone???  It has been 3 years of lots of fun and adventure!!!  I can't imagine our live without him!!!  To celebrate his birthday, we hung the "Happy Birthday" sign up while he slept and I set up all of his presents on the table so he came out to a wonderful sight!!!  He sat right down and took it all in!!!  He was anxious to dig in!!!
Can I start????
He quickly opened all the presents and was excited at each new thing he unwrapped!!!  It was so much fun to watch!!  This was his first year of opening all by himself and really enjoying the process and relishing in the fact that it was his special day!!!  After he opened presents, Brad played with him and his new loot while I made breakfast.  Since Brad is only home 24 hours (he got in late last night and has to leave at 8:30 tonight to go back to work) I wanted him to spend as much time with Owen as possible.
I made yummy orange banana pancakes for breakfast with fresh strawberries and whipped cream!!!  We sang "Happy Birthday" and Owen got an extra special helping of whipped cream....
It was a wonderful morning!!!!
After breakfast, Owen wanted to try out his new goggles and went for a dip in the pool!!!  We then napped and got ready for his party!!!  Happy Birthday Owen!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little Sprouts

This morning we went to the Botanical Gardens for their Little Sprouts program.  Today they had a summer theme with water sprinklers, bubbles, and ice cream.  My kids, of course, were not big fans of the water sprinklers.
Even though I dressed them in their bathing suits, they sat back and watched everyone else get wet.
 It was SO hot that I thought they would welcome getting wet but they opted to cool off with a tasty treat with their friends Walker and Can!!!
See the ice cream running down her leg?  Because of this, I did "wash her down" in the sprinkler which she wasn't a huge fan of.
Right after ice cream we played with bubbles, with ice cream mustache and all!!!
Making bubbles!!!
She thought if she just held the stick in the air a bubble would appear!!! Sometimes she got lucky and the wind would make a bubble for her!!!
There was lots of sidewalk chalk spread throughout the gardens for kids to play with.
No trip to the gardens would be complete without a stop at the chicken house to see all the hens, chicks, and the rooster!!!  Addyson wasn't too sure what to make of them in the beginning but she soon warmed up to them and was excited to point them all out to me!
Last stop before we headed home was the children's garden.  We love to walk across the bridge and look for fish!!!!
This face says it all.... good day but now we are hot and tired and ready to go home!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Chefs

The kitchen Addyson got for her birthday is a HUGE hit in our house!!!  The kids are always cooking up something and they love to have us taste test their creations!!!  Opa and Nina got this 40+ food set for the kids for Addyson's birthday and they had huge smiles on their face when they saw the box!!!
Our little chef waits anxiously with a huge grin on her face as dad takes everything out of the box!
Chef Owen was excited to have us sample all of the cupcakes!!!
He also was quick to whip us up a batch of scramble eggs!!  I think many more wonderful creations will come out of that kitchen thanks to all these new foods and serving ware!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pony Visit

This morning I arranged for the MOMS Club to go out and visit the Personal Ponies.  The kids and I go sometimes when Ms. Dell (the owner) has open time on Fridays and I wanted to share the experience with the rest of the MOMS.  Owen got all dressed up with his cowboy hat and boots and was running around the house saying "Giddy up Horsey, Giddy up Horsey" and he was so excited for the visit.
We got out there and neither of my kids were super excited about seeing the ponies up close much less touching them.  They loved to look at the horses as long as they kept their distance.
 Unfortunately for my kids, this little pony loved us!!!!
He wanted to give us pony kisses!!!
While Owen and Addyson didn't find it amusing, I just had to laugh.