Tuesday, August 31, 2010


 Our newest family member, Kiptyn
 Today I picked up Kiptyn from the shelter on my way home from school.  We had gone to PetSmart this past weekend to stock up on everything we needed.  (Btw, if you adopt a pet, PetSmart gives you a pile of coupons to use!!!  Thanks PetSmart for being so supportive of pet adoption!)   Owen got to pick out toys for Kiptyn so the kids met us outside with all of the goodies!!!
 It didn't take him long to make himself at home!!!  Maybe he was telling me thank you for rescuing him and sorry for not listening!!!  On the car ride home we bonded and I told him what was expected of him.... not chewing the kids' toys, no digging, and no peeing in the house.  I'm not sure how much he took him because he walked in our front door and peed right away.  Oops!!!
 Next, we brought Kiptyn in to meet his furry siblings.  Skip is not a huge fan of Kiptyn but then again, Skip doesn't like any other dogs.  Sam wants to play but I think Kiptyn is too young and big and Sam is too old for the two of them to play safely together.

 So we put the little dogs up and let our kids get more comfortable with having a big dog around.  Doesn't look like Addyson will have any problems getting use to Kiptyn!
 She was patting him, tugging on his ears, pointing to his eyes, riding on his back, and squealing with joy and the whole time he just sat there and took it!!!  We were impressed!!!
 He is a very submissive dog and I think that will help with keeping him manageable for the kids!  He just rolls over and wants to play.  A dog that plays is what our kids have been wanting!!!  Old Skip and Sam aren't a lot of fun these days.  They don't want to play fetch or chase, they just want to be given treats and sleep.
 Owen kept hugging Kiptyn and patting him saying, "This is my dog!  I love my dog!!!"  So sweet!!!
 Welcome Home Kiptyn, Welcome Home!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not your average Trip

 This morning we headed out to the Farmer's Market as one happy family consisting of a mommy, daddy, brother, sister, and 2 old dogs.  We went looking for tomatoes, green peppers, and breakfast with yummy coffee.  Some how in that mix we found.....
this cute puppy walking around with an "adopt me" jacket on.  We did NOT go looking for another dog but somehow we were hooked!!  This dog looked to be a boxer (pitbull)/ terrier mix and he was SO good with the kids.  So gentle, let Addyson take a bone from him, and he didn't jump.  We were hooked.  If you know what ringing that bell means then you know....
 then you know that a couple of days later I made a trip to the pound to pick up our freshly neutered puppy!
This was not your average trip to the Farmer's Market and now I'm a little gun shy to go again!!  There are SO many cute puppies out there that need a home and I could be suckered in again to save another!  I do want to report though, that as of lately, the Shelter has not had to put any dogs down.  Yay for Adoption!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feeding the Ducks

 Today was my second full day of school.  Brad is out of town and so is Lisa (our back up babysitter) so I needed some help with the kids after our nanny Ashley (who I'll blog about later) left.  This is when I'm super thankful we have family that lives close.  Mom brought her work to our house so she could work on it while the kids napped.  She promised them that when they got up from nap she would have a surprise for them!!!
 I came home as they were loading up so I went along too!!!  Even though I was SO exhausted (this school/mom thing is much harder than I thought) I didn't want to miss out on the adventure!!!  It was a nice way to wrap up a day of school!!!
 Mom filled their buckets with old bread and we headed out to feed the geese (and couple of ducks that are in the pond if front of our hospital Washington Regional).  Owen knew what to do!!!  Addyson, well she thought Nammie was giving her a HUGE snack! : )
 I could NOT believe how many geese were there!!!  It is a HUGE difference from early Spring!!!  And the geese are so brave!  They get really close and I'm afraid of Addyson being too friendly with them and getting bit again
 Luckily we brought our guard dog Sam!!!  Even though Sam is 16 years old, missing half his teeth, and practically blind, he still chased off those geese!!!  Guess his bark is louder that his bite!!!!  I'm glad we brought his leash and had him tethered to the tree or else we might have been fishing him out of the pond!! : )
Every great adventure with Nammie ends with a trip to Shake's!!!!  Yummy!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Wheels

 Nammie got Owen a bike for his birthday!  I guess the theme this year was things that go!!!  Now he has 2 sets of wheels; his bike and his scooter!!!!  He loves them both!!!
 Here is his first time on his bike.  Nammie had to show him how to peddle and his sister was on the side waving him on.  He didn't get very far and got a bit frustrated.  He kept trying to peddle backwards which kept putting on the breaks which got him "stuck" so he would need a boost.
 It wasn't long before he got the hang of it!!!  Every time we pulled in the driveway he would ask to get his bike out before going in side.
 Of course, Addyson had to give it a try too!!!  She loves getting on and being pushed around!
 If we are out front playing with his friends, his sweet friend Timber will give him a push if he gets stuck!!!
Now that it is the end of summer, he is a PRO at riding!!!  He hopes on his bike and takes off and no longer needs help from us!!!  What a big boy!

Going for a Spin

 It's not often that we let the kids ride the rides in the mall.  I have a HARD time paying $1 for a short spin when I know I can go down the street and let them ride for $.25.  Plus, with these kids, once you do it one time we've established a habit and they think every other time we go they'll get to ride.
 Does this happen to anyone else???  How does doing something ONE time equal EVERY time after that?!?!  If I tell Owen I don't have money he tells me "yes you do!" or "that guy has money" and points to the man behind the counter (usually at Flying Burrito because there are a ton of these riding machines right behind where we stand in line.).
Well this trip to the mall I saw a mom getting ready to pull out $1 to let her one child ride which left 2 empty seats on this "merry-go-round".  Being the cheap thrifty person I am,  I asked her if she wanted to split the ride with us.  We each paid $.50 so it worked out for everyone!  The kids were SO happy!!!  Let's just hope next time we go to the mall it doesn't become a fight when I "have no money"!

Picking Strawberries

So I know it is no longer strawberry season but I really wanted to blog about our typical morning this summer.... Can you tell I'm a bit behind on blogging?!?!
 Our mornings would start with me getting a cup of coffee and then we would head outside to spend as long as we could before it go too hot.  The kids loved our tiny,little garden and would head right for it.  They loved to look and see if anything was red enough to pick.  Because our garden was picked daily, we never had enough of anything ripe at one time to make a meal or dessert with.
 That didn't both me since the kids got so much enjoyment out of picking daily!!!  Plus, it was good entertainment for them while mommy drank her coffee and woke up!!! : )
 Addyson isn't the neatest of eaters so her clothes got stripped off pretty quick or else all of her cute jammies would be stained!!!
 Just look at that strawberry covered face!!!  Sign of a good morning!!! : )


This morning we went to check on our tomato plants in our garden and we found the guilty culprit who was eating all of the tomoatoes before they had a chance to turn red!
A BIG green caterpillar found our tomatoes to be rather tasty and was helping himself to all of them!  Eating only a bit and moving on to another one.  Brad broke off the branch the caterpillar was on and brought him in for the kids to see.
Owen was even brave enough to touch it and see what it felt like!!!!
Then he remember his bug catcher we bought at the beginning of the summer and we decided to keep our new "pet" in there to grow so we can see what he turns into.  We also wanted to make sure he didn't continue to eat all of our tomatoes!!!
Here, both he and our plants will be safe!!! : )

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Student

Did you know there was a new student in the Brewster House????  Can you guess who it is???
It's me!!!!  Yep, today I started back to school..... like I don't have enough going on with a husband that travels, 2 young kids, and two old dogs but I was ready to do something for myself!!!  Back in May I started thinking about what I would do with myself when the kids went to their school twice a week for 4 hours each day. I thought it might be fun to take a class or two at the University.  The idea that I might take a class or two changed to me working on a PhD in Psychology a couple of weeks later!!!  I took Owen up to participate in a graduate student's research project in the child lab where I was a project manager for Dr. Jesse Bering before I worked on my Master's.  Being there made me realize how much I missed being on campus, missed the research, and it made me think about how "this" might be what I was looking for!!!
A week later I met with Dr. Doug Behrend to talk about my possibilities of taking classes or starting the PhD program and by the end of our meeting he thought I would be a good match to work in his lab and start school full time to work on a degree!!!  I couldn't believe it!  July 23rd I got the email saying they had full funding for me and I could start school in August!!!!  I'm SO excited to be going back to school and very excited to see what sort of opportunities will be available to my family and I because of this!  This means big changes in the Brewster House but I think they will all be good changes!!!!  Stay tuned to for updates on our changes and progress!!!!   Thank you to all of my wonderful family and friends for their support as I take on this new adventure!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bird Bath

It has been SO hot here with NO rain.  We know every day the effect that has on us, our yard, and our garden but I don't think about how it effects the wildlife around us.  This morning when we turned on our sprinkler and within minutes we had over 15 robins in our backyard I realized that the wildlife were needing the rain too!!!!
I felt bad that there wasn't much water pooling up from the sprinkler for them birds to bath in.  They were all fighting over the "best" spot in our yard.
This bird stayed in this spot forever.  Must have been the one divot in the yard where there was a bit of water gathering.  This little bird bathed and bathed forever.  We kept the sprinkler on extra long this morning for them (and us, the kids enjoyed watching the birds splash in the water!) and I guess we need to go get a bird bath for next summer!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Little Mommas

I think I've said this before but, it amazes me how girls have the instinct to be little mommas from the time they can hold a baby doll!!!  I know there is lots of research about gender rolls and how we may set our kids up to act like a girl by giving them girl things to play with.  I've tried to make sure there is enough of all sorts of toys to go around and yet Addyson is still drawn to her baby dolls!
Without me showing her what to do, she naturally picks up her baby, rocks her, puts her in the stroller, gives her a paci, and here she is dancing with her baby while her friend Carina dances with her baby.  So cute!!!
Right from birth, they are little mommas in the making!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Some might label me a mini hoarder.  I keep almost everything.  Sometimes I don't even know I do it.  My hoarding is very apparent when we move and we find boxes full of ketchup packets, napkins, half used candles, and anything useless I might hang on to.  One thing I sort of collected in college and have hung on to is fun band-aides.  I loved all the Disney ones and kept them in this cool Lion King metal tin.  Well Owen has discovered them!!!
He knows where I keep them in my bathroom and goes and gets them once or twice a day.  He is always telling me he needs a band-aide for his boo boo.  What boo boo, I'm not sure.  I've yet to see any blood but there is always something that needs to be covered!  I know this is a new stage and here I am happy to be able to supply him with lots of fun band-aides!!!
This almost validates my reasons for hanging on to all my Disney stuff for all these years and moving them time and time again!!! : )  See Brad!!!  I told you we'd use those band-aides eventually!!! : )

Owen is now turning Addyson on to his band-aide addiction!!!!  Good thing there are enough to go around!!

Monday, August 9, 2010


A big, hot cup of coffee is a must in this house most mornings!!!
I was never much of a coffee person until I had kids!
Coffee makes long nights and early mornings a little easier to handle!!!!
A mug of coffee (or milk) makes us all smile at 7am!!!
That's good stuff!!!!  I'll take another cup!