Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Night

 This weekend was a SUPER busy weekend and today we had family pictures take on campus!!!  I can't wait to blog about that and share the pictures with you!  After the school Halloween party, trick-or-treating on the Square, Halloween birthday party, and football game we were a little Halloweened out and I wasn't sure if I wanted to dress the kids up and take them out.  Not to mention we were exhausted from pictures and Addyson was just starting to feel better after running a fever from teething.
 The mom guilt was setting in and I wanted to be able to say (10 years from now) that we went trick-or-treating on Halloween night and I wanted pictures to prove it so at the very last minute we dressed the kids up... or should I say we attempted to.  Addyson wanted NOTHING to do with her costume so I put glow in the dark pjs on her and threw a Hog shirt on me and we headed out.  I felt really bad for not all being dressed up until
after the second house we went to had a battery operated, scary witch that moved and screamed as we walked by.  At that point both kids were scared ready to go home I was thankful I didn't invest a lot of time into getting all of us dressed up.
I tried to convince Owen to go to a couple of more houses but with the dark streets and some eerie looking homes he wanted NOTHING to do with it and Addyson didn't either!  I went up to a couple of homes with her while Owen stood at the sidewalk and watched but I quickly realized that I couldn't trick-or-treat for Owen when I wasn't dressed up and if he wasn't having fun, what fun was it.  SO, we loaded up in the car and headed home.  We'll try again next year.... .and maybe we'll just stick to trick-or-treating on the Square!!!  After all, there are no scary, battery operated, motion detection creatures on the Square that scream and move when you walk by!!!!  Happy Halloween everyone!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


 After naps, we headed out to the Homecoming game against Vanderbilt.  My little brother Aric and his fiance
Emily go there and they came home for the game!  We were so excited!
 This was also our first football game to take Addyson to this season and we were so happy to go as a family and start training our newest Razorback fan!!!!
 As usual, Owen was SO excited to be at a Razorback game!!! Go Hogs!!!
 Addyson quickly learned about one of Owen's favorite game time treats!!!
 And she too caught one that one of the best parts is the end when you
 eat the powdered sugar off the plate
 using your fingers!! : )
 Then you take those sticky fingers and call the Hogs and run your fingers through your hair saying "Woo Pig Sooie!!!!"
 Making silly faces is always a perk of the iPhone 4!!!!
 We had a great time at the game!!!!  And it was even better that the Hogs won!!!
I even got lucky and had my picture taken with Owen's favorite mascot, Boss Hog!!!

Making Cookies

 Due to all of the activities at Carina's party, the kids didn't get around to making cooking from the homemade dough and icing Melissa made.  We had already planned to have some friends over to "tailgate" at our house before the Razorback game since tailgating time fell right around nap time.  Melissa thought it would be fun to make the cookies with the kids at our house and she was right!!!
 They had SO much fun!!!
 That face says it all!!!
 We decided that next time the adults should roll out the dough and the kids can cut the shapes or better yet we can cook them and the kids can just decorate.  It was a bit hard from them to do with those sticky hands!
 Once they cookies were cooked all the kids came back to decorate!!!
What Cookie Fun!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Birthday Party

 We were invited to Carina's 2nd birthday party which was going to be a Halloween themed costume party.  It started about an hour after the trick-or-treating on the Square so it was perfect for us!!!  We were already dressed and the kids were in a festive spirit and we were so excited to go celebrate our friend's birthday with her!!!
 Since we are neighbors we were the first one there!!!  A nice change for us since we usually end up showing up late!!!  I can never seem to get everything we need, kids loaded up, and headed out in time!
 Melissa had great events planned for the kids!!!  First they decorated scary masks!!!
Then they broke a HUGE pinata!!!!
She even had cookies to decorate and rice krispie treats to make!!!  What a fun birthday party!!!
Happy Birthday Carina!!!

Trick-or-Treat on the Square

 One of our favorite places to go trick-or-treating is the Square in Downtown Fayetteville.  It is SO kid and dog friendly and we usually see tons of people we know!   We love to see how all of our friends are dressed up!!!  The local business are so kind to stand outside and hand out goodies to everyone.  Fayetteville is a great place to live!
 I like that it is during the day so the kids are awake and full of energy!! Plus there are NO scary, battery operated figures that go off when they detect movement and scare the heck out of the kids which usually puts a quick end to our trick-or-treating adventures.  Here, we go until we have visited every shop and the kids are completely exhausted and ready to dig into the candy!
 It is fun to get dressed up as a family.  I usually leave our costumes until the last minute and then run around like crazy, raid our closets, and make a last minute trip to the store to come up with something.  It kind of drives Brad crazy but I'm always pleased with what I came up with and ever happier that I usually do it on the cheap.  Can you tell what Brad is????  Everyone thought he was road kill.... too funny.... he wasn't so impressed!
 What if you saw the rest of us dressed like this???  Can you tell who we are now????
 We are all characters from Peter Pan!!!  Owen is Peter Pan, Addyson is Tinker Bell, I am Wendy, and Brad is a Lost Boy!  Addyson's costume is the only one that was purchased as a costume... the others I came up with!
What a fun afternoon of trick-or-treating on the Square!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Party at School

 Today the kids got to wear their costumes to school and bring their pumpkins to go trick-or-treating!!!!
 It was so fun to walk through the doors this morning and see all the kids dressed up and telling everyone what or who they were!!!
 All of the excited was a bit much for Addyson so she wouldn't let me take her picture with her class but I was able to get another mom to snap a quick picture of us!!!
 I signed up to hand out treats for Owen's class and since trick-or-treating didn't start until an hour after school started I hung out in Addyson's room to see what they do.
 Morning start with snack time which turns out to be one of her favorite times!!!! : )
 While they are snacking the teachers sing songs with them.  I got a kick out of watching Addyson sing along!
 One of the songs they sing is "I Love to Pat My Bible".  As soon as they handed out the bibles to the kids, Addyson started to pat hers!!!  After seeing her do this, I realized what she has been doing/saying at home when she says "bible" or "pat" and starts patting a book which at first I couldn't make out but now I can!!! ; )
 At 10, it was time for the Halloween festivities to begin!!!  The kids were SO excited!!!
 It was fun to hand out the treats, I was giving out spider rings and Halloween color bracelets, and watch the kids' reactions!
 After they were done trick-or-treating the kids went back to their rooms to look through their loot and pick out one piece of candy to eat then and were told to save the rest for later.
 I went back to peak on Addyson and her class was outside playing.  Some how, Addyson didn't see me and I got to watch her play in this house and interact with the boys that were trying to get in.  It was SO cute!!!!
What a fun morning at Sonshine school and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ice Cream with Grandpa

 Grandpa Ken is a huge fan of ice cream and so is Owen!!!  When we heard Grandpa Ken was going to be in town, Owen knew right away where he wanted to take him!!!  Where else but Orange Mango!!!  Grandpa Ken has never been to an Orange Mango or any place like it so Owen had to show him how to do it!!!
 Grandpa was very impressed at all of the choices!!!  We eat made our treat just the way we like it and then we enjoyed every last drop!!!
 Literally, every last drop!!!
Wait, tilt a little more.... ok, now I have every. last. drop!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Fun

 This morning I called to thank Rosemary for giving us tickets for the football game yesterday.  Turns out her husband is out of town and she was home alone with the two girls.  I know how lonely that can be so I invited the three of them over for lunch after church.  At church, I invited my mom to come over as well.
 It turned out to be great fun!!!!  The kids had fun playing Razorback Marching Band with mom while I cooked and Rosemary and I caught up.  I'm sure I've said this before but I'll say it again just in case I haven't, one of the hardest things about being in school is that we don't get to see our friends as often as we use to.  So, when we do get to get together with friends it is a nice treat... especially for the kids!!!!
We took advantage of the beautiful weather and the great company!!!  I wish we could make this a Sunday tradition!!!  I think I need an extra day or two in my week...anyone else feel that way??? ; )