Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brad's Work Dinner

Tonight, Brad's work treated everyone to Pappasito's for dinner!
The last time they got all the facilitators, managers, and families together was a long time ago... let's just say Owen was a baby and Addyson was just a twinkle in our eyes!
It was nice to talk to the other spouses and see how they managed their time while their spouse was away.  I have to say, a lot of them don't have kids or their kids are older so they couldn't related completely with me but, I realized that they too had full plates managing on their one and somehow we all get it done!
Since Brad's office is in Houston, we feel a bit of disconnect from his work family and get a bit jealous when friend's at home talk about work parties, work friends, and that sort of thing.  It was nice to reconnect with our work family and share fun times!
Everyone was SO good with the kids and made sure they were taken care of.  We were able to socialize with everyone without worrying about the kids.
Someone found them tortilla dough to play with!!  That occupied them for an hour or so and we ended up bring it home with us!!!
See how many kids cups we have on the table?!?!  I think 3 different people ordered the kids drinks!!  See, they were in good hands.  Of course, someone ordered them Sprite and they've NEVER had soda and I was a bit shocked but luckily, Owen didn't like it!!!  Wonder how long that will last?!?! 

We had a great night!  I hope Brad's work gets in the habit of getting us together at least once a year!  It is was good to reconnect with people!  Made us realize how lucky we are that Brad works for such a good company with some many caring people!

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