Sunday, December 5, 2010

Car Trips

 Between Thanksgiving and Brad's work trip, we have spent a lot of time in the car the past week.  Luckily, our kids are use to traveling so they are pretty good in the car.  They each have a tv/dvd in front of them with a movie playing, toys all around, and snacks to keep them occupied.
 Sometimes when we stop we'll get them a treat.  This particular stop was for dinner and there were ice cream cones for dessert.  I must have thought it would be good to get on the road and get to Houston so we should let them eat their chocolate ice cream in the car instead of the restaurant.  What a mess!  She is trying to be neat, see her napkin?  Don't think that little napkin can handle that mess!
 Here Owen fell asleep eating his left over Free Birds.

Some people may not agree with letting their kids make a mess in the car or letting them get treats along the way but, I see it as this, we are asking A LOT of them to stay in one spot for a long period and so we can do them a "favor" and let them get a special treat.  I see it as a give and take with everyone winning!  I think that is the key to traveling with kids, realize they are doing you a favor so be a little easier on them and give them a favor in return.
 Our best trip was the ride home from Dallas!  The kids slept from Dallas until Fort Smith!!!!
We couldn't believe it!!!!  This trip must have worn them out!
I guess that's one way to pass the time in the car where everyone wins!! : )

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