Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Begins

 I have a feeling that we are going to be opening gifts numerous times this holiday season.  This is probably a product of us deciding to spend Christmas Day in Canada this year.  This will be my first time to celebrate Christmas Day with my family up there in probably 15 years or so.  I think everyone is excited about it.  Since we leave on Monday, we have many people to celebrate with before we leave and after we come home which leads to many days of opening gifts.
Tonight we opened gifts for the first time.  We had our wonderful nanny Ashley come over to watch the kids so Brad and I could have one last date night before the holidays and so we could give Ashly her gifts and tell her good bye since we won't be seeing her for almost a month!  I was so excited to go shopping for her and pick out things I really thought she would enjoy.  I wanted her to know how much she means to our family and how much we enjoy having her around and these gifts were just a small thank you.
Much to our surprise, she had gotten the kids gifts too!!!  She got Addyson a puppy dog made from recycled material (think she knows our family well?!? : ) ), a baby that lights up and plays music (Ashley had the same one as a little girl), and a phone that she can pull around!  They were hits!   She got Owen a doctor kit (hopefully our little Doc in training!), a dinosaur puzzle, and Razorback socks ( just what he needed to complete his Razorback gear!!!  He's been asking for Razorback socks and he has a red pair so we just tell him those or Razorback socks... now he officially has a pair with real Razorbacks on them!).  She was so thoughtful... now you can see why we like her so much!
Christmas is off to a great start!!!  I hope everyone is enjoying this time as much as we are!!!  Now if I can just finish shopping, wrapping, and packing I'll be doing pretty good!

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