Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

I feel so blessed to be able to spend Christmas with my family in Canada this year. I do have to say that I was a bit concerned though that my brother and sister would not get up early when the kids did or they would complain about it and I would get super frustrated and that would put a damper on Christmas morning.  I happy to report that that was NOT the case!!!
The kids got up at 7:30 (they slept in from the predicted 7am wake up) and we tried to keep them occupied as long as possible.... 15 minutes.  I told Owen to go wake up Teetee Bec (I figured she'd be nicer to him than me for waking her up so early!!! : ) ) and Opa and Nina.  Much to my surprise everyone jumped out of bed and were ready to go!
After all it WAS Christmas morning and everyone wanted to see what Santa brought!!!  There is also something special and magical about spending Christmas morning with little ones!!  The innocence of Christmas is brought back and I think my family was so happy to be able to be a part of this special morning!
Kids are so happy and grateful for every little gift and they are so eager to open the next!!!  Who wouldn't want to sit back and witness that?!?!
I was so impressed with how patient the kids were.  We took turns opening gifts and the kids watched as we opened ours!!!  Of course, in between opening Owen would ask if he could open another but when I told him to wait until his turn he did! : )
Everyone was so thoughtful with their gifts and getting things they thought the other person would really enjoy!  Sometimes, while shopping, I often get discouraged and wonder if I am wasting my time and worried about whether my gift will be a hit or not.  Sometimes makes me want to make a rule that we no longer buy gifts for adults and just focus on the kids.
But, I didn't call off gifts just yet and turns out I think I hit the nail on the head!!!  My dad, who recently became vegan, loved his shirt I got him!!!  If you know my dad, you know if he is "stuck" on something he is very proud to talk about it over and over again and proclaim it any way he can which is why I knew he'd love to be a walking billboard for veganism!!! : )
I think Addyson's favorite gifts were her apron I got her and the tea set Nina and Opa got her.  She played with that ALL morning.  As soon as she got a tea cup out she walked over to her table and poured her water in it!!!  She loves to pour! Luckily there was no water in the tea pot or else we would have had a mess on our hands.  Not sure why she thinks this should be poured down her apron but she has done this several times.  I'd like to know her thinking behind this!
Not a flattering Christmas picture but still cute to this mom!!!  She is wearing Santa's glasses that he left behind!!! : )
The kids got a gift for Christmas that I ALWAYS wanted as a kid and now have a good idea why I never got one!!!  I always wanted some sort of playdough set that I could make "things" and Teetee Bec got the kids an ice cream shop playdough set!!  They played with this ALL morning and let me just say... it is VERY messy!!!!  Could this be why I never got one?!?!  Now I'll just enjoy making pretend ice cream with my kids and then we'll leave this here and Opa and Nina's house as a "special treat" when we come visit!!! : )
One of my favorite things about Christmas is spending all day in our pjs (or new shirt we just got) and playing with our new toys!!!  Every lounges around, plays with the toys, enjoys eachother's company, 
and eat any goodies Santa left behind!!!  Makes for such a special day!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!  I hope you have a wonderful day with your family!

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