Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decorating the Tree

 Now that school is over and Brad is home, we can stop and think about the upcoming holiday!!  I was feeling a little guilty that we didn't have any Christmas decorations up and it was almost the middle of December but with school and Brad gone as much as he is these days, it was hard to find the time.
 Now that we have the time, it is a bit odd to set up all the decorations to enjoy them for just a week BUT we are SO ready to get in the Christmas Spirit that we Brad got everything out of the attic, we put on our Christmas, and we left the decorating begin!!!  The kids were SO happy!!!
 It is a bit deal when we turn on the lights for the first time!!!  We all count "1, 2, 3" and then Brad plugs the lights in!!!  Addyson couldn't run over quick enough!!!  I have to put a small plug in now for our fake not-so-living tree.  I never had a fake tree growing up and never thought I would have one as an adult however, our holidays travels makes it SO hard to have a living tree.  We would come home to a complete mess.  SO, for the holidays we travel during we will have our beautiful not-so-living tree and the years we stay home we'll got out and get a fresh one (hopefully one we can replant!)
 Now that the tree is up, let the unpacking begin!!  This year, both kids were more than helpful getting things out!
 Addyson's favorite decoration was the manger scene.  She played with this set SO much that  a poor wise man and the little drummer boy gave their life. : (  You may remember that the poor baby sheep gave its life last year so our nativity scene is slowing being picked off.  I've had that set since undergrad and was so proud that through all my moves I kept it all together until now.  Oh well.  Guess it is time for a new one!
 The first ornament we hang on the tree is the ornament St. Nicholas brings us that year.  Here the kids are showing off their ornament and getting ready to hang them.
 They were both so excited and wanted to do it all by themselves!!!  I found that the ornaments with strings were really easy for both of them to do alone and the ones with the hooks took a bit of help from mom and dad.
Here they are... "Go Hogs!!!"
 Today Addyson said a new word, "lights!"  She loves looking at Christmas lights!!!  She squeals with delight, points, and says "Wow, ights".
 I loved watching them decorate the tree.  Made me realize how big they are getting!
 Can you tell she is so excited.  She would hang up an ornament and then admire it and squeal.  Then she would often take that ornament back off and hang it up again!!!  Hours of fun!!!
 After the bottom of the tree was fully decorated dad helped with hanging the ornaments on the higher branches!
 One of my favorite parts about decorating the tree is looking at all of our old ornaments and remembering who they came from, who they belong to, and the memories that go with that ornament.  I love it!!!!!  That is one of the nice things about getting an ornament a year that symbolizes the past year, it gives us things to look back on!
Now that our tree is decorated we feel fully in the holiday spirit!!!  Now I need to finish shopping, wrapping, and start packing for our trip.  Happy Holidays Everyone!

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