Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fresh Tree Adventure

 I finally got my wish for a fresh tree but BOY, was it an adventure!!!  Keep in mind it is just 2 days from Christmas and we still don't have a tree.  Apparently my dad was suppose to pick up one last week but if you know my dad, you know he has to be supervised to get a task done or else he gets sidetrack.  My stepmom had to work last weekend so guess what that meant... dad didn't get the tree!!
The original plan was to have the tree waiting for the kids and I to arrive and then we were going to decorate it with Opa, Nina, and TeeTee Bec.  What happened instead was we called around Guelph and neighboring towns for two days trying to find a tree with no luck.  Great... it was looking like we weren't going to have a tree for Christmas this year.
We took our usual trip to St. Jacob's Market this morning and we were hopeful we'd find a tree at the market or somewhere in St. Jacobs.  I must say that our plan was to go straight to the airport from the market to pick up Brad.  This had us driving on the busy 401 highway for about an hour there and an hour home.  SOME people thought that was a good idea.... and let me just say I wasn't in that group!
So dad gave us 3 bungee cords and we were on our way.  We passed by a Christmas Tree farm about 2 miles outside the market and we decided to stop there on the way back, we wanted to check the market first before committing to a tree.  Turns out the market didn't have trees so we stopped in to pick up our last minute tree and we were hoping for a deal since Christmas WAS just 2 days away.  Well... no discount.  We had a little tiny tree to pick from or this BIG $85 tree.  Yikes!  As I'm sure you can tell from the pictures, we opted for the BIG tree that wouldn't fit in the van but had to go on the roof.

The ladies working there helped carry it out and put it on the roof.  There had about a 100 pieces of tiny sting they were trying to tie together so we could tie it to the roof of the car... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  Thank goodness we had bungee cords or else we'd still be there tying until Christmas.
Apparently details on how to drive were given to Nina but she forgot to pass those one.  I headed down the back road and we were cruising right along (speed limit was 65)... plan was to still go to the airport from there.  All of a sudden a big truck passed us, I heard a loud noise, looked in my rear view mirror, and saw our $85 tree rolling on the road behind us.  Uh Oh!
I back up, rescue the tree, and find 2 of the 3 bungee cords.  I was then informed that we were suppose to drive SLOW.  Now she tells me!  Well we are NOT making it to the airport much less Guelph with this tree on the roof of our car and the speed limit 65 with trucks speeding by us.  Nina gets in the back of the van, I cram the tree in, the kids are crying because they have NO idea what is going on, and I slam the door shut.... well I attempt to.  It doesn't close all the way.  I wish I had my camera but it was somewhere under the tree.  Luckily the cell phone was handy so we called Opa to tell him to meet us and take the tree so we could go pick up Brad.  After all, if he had gotten the tree last weekend none of this would have happened.  But then again, we'd have no story to tell!
As if our tree adventure wasn't enough, as we put the finishing touches on the tree it fell over!!!!
And not just once but TWICE!!!!  Poor Owen didn't find it as funny as we all did.  What else were we to do.  Just puts the icing on the cake of this crazy tree adventure!
Hopefully we can make it through Christmas without any more tree mishaps!!!!

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