Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gingerbread House

Unlike last year, I didn't have any Christmas crafts planned for this year.  I just plain ran out of time.  We did paint ornaments (all of those pictures are on my lost phone : ( ) but that was it.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when Becky told me she planned to make gingerbread houses with the kids!!
Her boyfriend Clint also has a 3 year old nephew named Owen so the two of them game over for a morning of decorating and playing!  It was perfect!
Addyson got the gingerbread men to decorate and then each of the boys had a house each.  I thought Addyson might like decorating but not enough to have a big house all to herself.
 Turns out she liked sampling all the candies more than she liked decorating!!! : )
With a bit of help and guidance she learned that the candies were better off dipped in icing and placed on the gingerbread men than they were in her belly.  Once she got bored of decorating and started eating again I had to pull the plug and put her down to play.  I was afraid she was going to get a belly ache!!!  With all that candy out I wasn't really sure how much she was actually eating.  Yikes!
Owen really had fun picking out different pieces of candy, dipping them in the icing, and finding the perfect spot for them on his home.  TeeTee Bec sat between the two boys and helped both of them make the perfect gingerbread house!
Trying to get a group shot of the kids and the houses before Addyson started to take about the houses and eat the candy piece by piece!!!  Look at Owen, "Stop Addyson!"
Is she admiring Owen's good work or is she picking out her next piece of candy??? Owen is keeping a very close eye on her!  Guess these need to be put up high on a shelf!  Thanks TeeTee Bec for a fun morning!

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