Friday, December 3, 2010

Houston Zoo

 One of the perks of traveling with Brad is the kids and I get to play and explore a new place while he works!
 Today was a beautiful day outside and seemed like a perfect day to go to the zoo!!!!  The kids were so excited to go see animals!!
 If you have never been to the Houston Zoo, you should go.  It is a pretty little zoo with great exhibits!  There are lots of trees so the surroundings are beautiful and you get get up close views of most of the animals.
 Owen saw "Zaboo" and called and called and called for Zaboo to come down.  It was really cute to watch him.  Finally Zaboo starting jumping around and he got a big kick out of that!
 Addyson was so excited to be able to get up close views of the monkeys!
 However, this BIG mandrill male was a bit too much for them.  Being up close to this big guy was a bit scary but I loved being able to watch him forage.
 Next we came across a family group of these little monkeys.  Turns out these were rescued from a market in Africa by a guy who was trying to save them from becoming a meal.  He originally thought he would bring them to the US and sell them as pets and thankfully, had a change of heart.  He realized the zoo would be a better home for them and gave them to the Houston Zoo.
 These little guys were young and SO active and the kids got a huge kick out of watching them.  I think we stayed at this exhibit for 15 minutes which is a lot considering the majority of zoo goers spend an average of 2 minutes or so at an enclosure.
As we walked through the zoo I had a lot of thoughts going through my head.  I realized that what I love most in life is being a mommy and how lucky we are to be able to travel with Brad and explore during the day.  I was soaking up this day with my little ones and enjoying every single second.  While doing so, I had to question if school was really for me.  An education is one of the best things you can give your kids, however, I already have a great education with a MS in biology.  Do I really need/want a PhD?  Is with worth giving up great trips with Brad and amazing adventures with my kids?  Stay tuned for my answer.... if I ever come up with one!
 The male lion is very vocal, we got to hear him roar several times which was really neat.  His name is Alex, like the movie Madagascar, and Owen got a kick out of that.
 These Long Horn cattle from Africa were also a bit overwhelming.  There size was very impressive!  We had to look at these guy from afar.
 I was impressed at their giraffe family.  They had so many and are in the process of building them a new home.  I can't wait to go back and see it.
 This morning at breakfast some of the spouses were there as everyone was leaving for work.  I told them we'd be going to the zoo and asked if anyone wanted to go.  Kay said she wanted to come with and I was so glad she did.  It is nice to have an extra set of hands, especially when the kids want to go in different directions.
 Owen had so much fun petting "his" goat.  He actually didn't want to leave.  I think we spent 15 minutes at the petting farm.  The nice thing about this petting farm is that you cannot feed the goats.  This made them more manageable to be around because they were eating our clothes, hair, and anything else they could get a hold of.
 Addyson wasn't a huge fan of the goats but Kay was very helpful working with Addyson to get her to try to pet the goat.
 Our last stop was the prairie dog exhibit.  They had tunnels in the middle that you could poke your head in and get an upclose view!
 Addyson could see much better from Kay's shoulders!
Here we are at the end of our day with tired and crabby kids!!!  Owen wouldn't pose for a picture.  Guess we should have done the family shot first! : )  All in all it was a great day and I can't wait to go back.  They are in the process of opening a new African exhibit and I'd love to see it!  Who knows, if we move to Houston I might be working at this zoo one day!!! : )

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