Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lights on the Square

 We figured a perfect end to our "Christmas Day" with the Brewsters would be a trip to the Square in downtown Fayetteville to look at the lights. We got there about 5 so we could find a good parking spot and eat dinner before it got dark.  As soon as it was time we bundled up and headed out!  We were all so excited!
 Here I am trying to take a group shot with me in it!  The "me in it" part worked really well and the "group" part... well not so much! : )
 Here I am with my wonderful husband!!!  It felt so magical to be on the square with our family and all of the lights and Christmas Cheer!!!!
 This spot is where Owen sat for the first time all by himself 3 years earlier!!!  This is also where I took Addyson and Owen's picture similar to this last year!!!
 Owen kept saying, "Mommy, I'm so sited" (translated= excited)  I think he knew he was going to get to ride the ponies and see Santa!
 The weather was absolutly perfect.  I can't believe how mild the weather has been this year.  I was starting to worry about our trip to the Square since we hadn't gone earlier in the season (they turn on the lights in November) our first (and only trip) wouldn't be so fun because we would all be too cold.  I was wrong, tonight was Perfect!
 I cannot say enough how magical it is to be there with loved ones surrounded by all the sights, sounds, and smells of the Christmas Season!  We had fun pausing to listed to these two guys sing a couple of Christmas Carols.
What an amazing evening!!!

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