Saturday, December 4, 2010

Much Needed

 After a long day in the car (we drove from Houston to Dallas)
 a fun place to go for dinner is much needed!
 It is good to get out and run around and have some fun!!!
 And hopefully win some money!! ; )
 Addyson loved this games and lucky for me, she would "play" them without a token!!!
 Owen wanted to see what was so fun about it but, he didn't find it as fun as Addyson did!  I can't imagine why.
 Not only the kids need to blow off some steam,
 the parents do too!!!
 We had fun practicing out skills,
 and winning some tickets (most games were team efforts!).
A trail of tickets!!! Off to get something good!!!
Hopefully they have burned off enough energy to spend tomorrow in the car!

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