Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve with my family and their dates at the Italian Canadian Club!  My stepmom is a member there and she came up with the idea to get us all tickets to go!  Their next door neighbor is 13 years old and babysat for the kids last year when we went to the Club for members night and so I was really comfortable leaving the kids with her this time.
I was looking forward to partying with Brad and the rest of my family.  He has missed out on the past couple of "fun" nights due to work but I think we made up for all of those times tonight!!!  My brother Dieter and his date Dawn were lots of fun!!!
My sister Becky and her boyfriend Clint tore up the dance floor!
Here is the group of good looking girls!!!
And the group of handsome men!!!
After the yummy dinner of seafood buffet appetizer, cheese ravioli antipast0, and salmon as the main course we were all full and ready to dance!!!  Each table got hats and necklaces and that was almost like our free pass to start having "fun"!!!!
I think my dad spent most of his time on the dance floor dancing with whoever he could convince to go out there!!!  I did my fair share of shakin' it!!!  The Club had both a DJ and a live band that would alternate every hour or so!  It was perfect!!!!
My sister was a bit obsessed with taking her picture with her boyfriend so the joke became taking "bad" pictures like zooming in on them or cutting her out of the picture!!!  I thought it was funny... she didn't find it as amusing!  So, she took the camera away from me but that didn't stop me from having fun with her pictures!!!  I jumped in wherever I could!!!! : )
Here I am with my wonderful siblings!!!  I am SO lucky to be an "only child" between my two parents but have 5 wonderful siblings; a brother and sister in Canada and 3 brothers in the US!  I love spending time and partying with them!!!  It gives me lots of good memories to laugh about when are apart.  Like writing this blog, I'm cracking up at all of the pictures and remembering that wonderful night!
And what a night it was!!!  Doesn't this picture say it all?!?!
My dad and his two beautiful daughters!!  What a lucky dad!
I love this picture, look how serious I am!!!  I think this was Becky and Clint's 50th picture and I'm still going strong at aggravating her!!!  See, I'm a great big sister!!!
One last shot before we leave, I think we were the last group there!!!  I was afraid that when the dinner started at 6 we'd be so ready to go by midnight.  Boy was I ever wrong, we were just getting started!!!  Luckily my parents live close to the Club so we could just walk home!
What a FUN night!!!  Thanks Mom and Dad for treating us all and helping make so many fun memories!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!  I wish you all the best in 2011!!!

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Sara Wittenberg said...

Sexy Momma!!! Looks like fun! I enjoyed the Charley post - was so much fun! I miss you all so much!