Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa Visits Canada

To get ready for Santa and his reindeer to visit we set out milk, cookies, and carrots before we left for church!  We knew we would be getting home late for Nana and Papa's house and the kids might be asleep by the time we got home so we wanted to make sure and have everything ready before we left.
 Either Addyson thought the cookies were for her or she wanted to taste them to make sure we were giving Santa good cookies! : )
After unpacking all 7 carrots for the bag we were finally ready for Santa!!!
Much to our delight, Santa DID find us in Canada!!!  We have proof that he visited Opa and Nina's house!  Not only did his snow covered boots leave footprints on the floor but a piece of his suit got caught in the fire place.
And he forgot a glove and his glasses where he ate the cookies and left us a note. Silly Santa!

1 comment:

dave and jenn said...

That is so cute! My mom and dad would always leave carrots and hay out for the reindeer too. I loved that as a kid!

Nice touch with the footprints, suit scrap, glove, and glasses!