Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Angles

There were (and sometimes still are) many times Brad and I have thought about living in Canada.  It would be nice to be close to family we only get to see a couple of times a year.  We love the Canadians' way of living (very European), their love for the environment, and we love their summers!
But after spending a couple of days here so far, I'm not sure if I love their winters.  I wanted to take the kids outside but bundling them up is a HUGE job.  I asked my sister to help me because I was afraid that once I got one dressed that kid would get hot and start melting down while I dressed the other.  How do moms up here do it???  They must have a routine because staying inside ALL winter is NOT an option!
After being inside for a just a couple of days we are all going stir crazy!!!  It is cloudy and gloomy outside so that doesn't help either.  Again I ask, how do moms up here do it???
Not being use to all of the winter gear, Addyson was NOT a fan of gloves.  Walking in the deep (for her) snow and being off balance and having freezing hands didn't make for a fun experience for her.
 Poor baby!  She wanted UP!  I knew she was done.  How do moms play with the older kid in the snow while the younger one is freezing, wants up, and wants to go in???  What am I missing... besides the gloves???
So I let Addyson borrow my gloves to take the chill off of her hands and that lasted for about a minute and then again she was done.  Owen was having SO much fun that I couldn't take him inside!  After all, we just spent 10 minutes bundling up.... we had to spend more than 10 minutes outside to make it worth our while!
So while Owen played, he liked falling down and then standing back up, I ran Addyson inside.  Lucky for all of us, Becky was inside getting ready for work so Addyson could hang out with her with Owen got his fill of snow!
I taught him how to make snow angles!!!  It was so cute to watch him make them!!!  I remember as a kid making snow angles and then trying to stand up without ruining my angle by stepping in it!  To help Owen preserve his precious little snow angle I help him stand up without stepping in it!
 I love my little snow angles!!!

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