Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Nicholas Day

 Who came to the door????
 Wow, stockings full of goodies.  I wonder who could have left that.
 It isn't Christmas so Santa didn't come.  It is December 6th, so it must be St. Nicholas Day!!!
 I'm so glad St. Nicholas comes to us without any reminders!!!  While we celebrate this holiday every year, this holiday often sneaks up on this tired mommy!!!  We forget to put our shoes out the night before but no worries!!!  St. Nicholas knows to bring stockings for us and he fills them with lots of goodies!
 It is always a nice treat to wake up to this wonderful surprise!!!
 As usual, St. Nicholas also brings our special ornament for the year.  This year Owen got a Razorback football player and Addyson got a Razorback cheerleader!!!
 Even mommy and daddy get a little stocking full of goodies!!!
 It is fun to watch the kids open their stockings and find all the goodies inside.  Just a little taste of what Christmas morning will be like!
This year, St. Nicholas brought us a box FULL of fruit!!!  It was our favorite thing!!!  Didn't have many new items to add to our candy drawer thank goodness!!!!  Happy St. Nicholas Day!

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