Saturday, December 4, 2010

Swimming in December

It has been a while since we've gone on a work trip with Brad since I've been in school.  This weekend his work was having a HUGE conference with all of the trainers and since the trainers work on the road they hardly ever get them all together.
Because it was a special thing, I decided to take a day off of school and go to Houston with him.  Probably not a smart decision since finals start next week but I wasn't think that far ahead when I told him last month I would go with him.
It turned out to be the much needed family break I needed.  I loved spending the day with my kids and us being there when Brad came home from work at night.
We took advantage of the time together and the indoor pool!  I was SO impressed at how brave Addyson was in the water.  She walked over and got in right away.
Owen got braver as the days went on.  He got to where he was more comfortable in the water.  I have to tell you though, dealing with 2 kids in a pool with no floating devices all by yourself can be a bit much!!!  Luckily, I could talk Owen through staying safe but Addyson wanted no part of waiting her turn to jump in.  If I wasn't there, she turned around and started to go in feet first by herself!
When the kids were all done swimming I convinced them to let mommy relax in the hot tub while they rested and played on the side.
Then we would head back to the room, warm up, put on dry clothes, and take a nap!!!  What great mornings!
Our last day there, Brad was home so I got him to go swimming with us so each kid could have an adult assigned to them and it wasn't so stressful on me.
Look, Owen dressed himself!!!  Can you tell?!?! : )
Finally, the kids warmed up while Brad and I relaxed in the hot tub!!!

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