Sunday, December 19, 2010

Visiting Santa

 This year we visited Santa while looking at the light on the Square.  You have to pay $1 per person to go through the gate and once you go you are pleasantly surprised by getting to see one of Santa's reindeer!
 Addyson would get close as long as I was helping her.  This year they had feed there that you could buy for a quarter and had feed the reindeer.  Owen got a kick out of that.
 Daddy helped Owen first to show him it was safe and the reindeer wouldn't hurt him and it was fun for Addyson and I to watch.
 Then Owen got really brave and fed the reindeer all by himself!!!  He was so proud!!!  We saw that Santa was right around the corner so we didn't go over there until we were all done visiting with Santa's helper because we knew once we did Addyson, if not both kids, would be ready to go and get out of there!!!
 I was right, as soon as we saw Santa Addyson tensed up and started crying.  She wanted NO part of it. I had devised a plan to drop the kids and run and try to snap a quick picture like we did last year but they were having none of that!  They both held on to us for dear life and were NOT letting go!
 The longer we stood there, the more scared Addyson got.  She started to cry again and we knew that this was going to be our picture with Santa this year and we were okay with that.  I think asked myself... "Why do we do this to our kids????"  Why do we scare them by placing them on some strange guy's lap that is wearing a red suit, has a big belly, and a long white beard?  And for some reason, we think it is funny and get a kick out of it.  I guess it is one of those strange things that you do when you are the parent.  I'll be anxious to see how next year goes!
Grandma gave Santa a kiss and told him that the Brewster Kids had been good this year and they were thankful for his early visit to their house earlier that day.  We wanted to be sure to leave Santa on good note so he wouldn't put us on the naughty list! : )

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