Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wild Rides

 Walking around the Square we came across camels and ponies to ride.  JoEllen got the wild hair for her and I to ride the camels!  I jumped at the opportunity to do something fun with her and I thought it would be fun to take the kids.  Turns out, the kids didn't think it would be so fun for them to ride.... and actually, Owen didn't want me to ride either.
 JoEllen and I had fun riding in circles and enjoying the sights from way up high.  The only downside was the screaming in the background.... not me screaming because I was scared but Owen screaming because he didn't want me to ride.  Ugh!!!!  He just kept screaming "Mommy.  I want my Mommy!" over and over again.  I was trying to reassure him and let him know it was fun and he yelled back, "It is NOT fun!"  I just had to chuckle.
 Once our ride was over... so was Owen's screaming.  Go figure!  Thanks JoEllen for suggesting the wild ride!!!!
 Before leaving, we walked by the ponies again.  Owen was looking forward to his turn to ride something a bit smaller.  He and Grandma picked out the pony he wanted to ride, he always picks the brown one.
 Luckily the lady assigned him to the brown one!!!  He saddled up and was ready to go!!! 
It has been fun watching him grow in his love for animals and getting more and more comfortable around the bigger ones!!!  He makes his mommy proud!  Next will be Addyson.  I tried to get her on the pony and she wanted none of it.  Next time!  For us, it was a great end to a perfect day!

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