Saturday, March 27, 2010

5 Minutes with Owen

I got this idea off of Melissa's blog and couldn't resist copying the idea!  I'm anxious to interview Owen about every 6 months to see how his answers change and as soon as Addyson can talk I'll be interviewing her too! 
  • What is your full name? Kurtis Owen Brewster (he actually knows this.  sometimes when you ask his name he tells you it is 2.  Silly guy!)
  • How old are you?  Two and a half (every now and then he rounds up and says 3, not today though! : ) 
  • When is your birthday? Um uh. (this is my fault.  we haven't worked on this)
  • What is your favorite color? Pink. (I think it is actually purple or green)
  • What is your favorite thing to watch on tv? I like zaboo.
  • What's your favorite thing to eat? Hamburger & cheeseburger (he also loves pizza and tacos)
  • What is your favorite thing to do? Cook something. I make hot dogs. (he likes to pretend to cook on his little grill that has a pretend hot dog)
  • What is your favorite toy? Bear. (he doesn't have a bear. he loves to play ball!)
  • What is your favorite t hing to play with? I play with the bear. (????)
  • Who is your favorite friend? Zeb, Mia, and Rosemary.  (He met Zeb at the water park, I was shocked he remembered his name! His good friends are Jacob, Mia (Anna Maria), and Ian.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? I go to school! 
  • What are your dogs' names?  Skippy Sammy.
  • What is your favorite animal? duck. (not sure it is his favorite but he loves to go feed them!)
  • Why? In the water it goes quack quack.
  • What is your favorite word? Horn , and he makes the playing motion
  • What is your favorite thing to say? This, and he points to words in a book.
  • What is your favorite number? "O" (he loves to find "O"s for Owen.  We are working a lot on letter recognition but not numbers yet)
  • What is your favorite letter? "S"
  • Are you a boy or girl? boy
  • Are you sad or happy? Happy
  • Where do you live? House
  • Where does mommy live? House
  • Where does daddy live? House
  • Where does daddy work? Library (he says this or the airport or airplane.  When Brad works from home he goes up to the library for peace and quiet. I think he thinks Brad takes an airplane to the library and when he is gone a long time he spends the whole time in an airplane.)
  • Who is your favorite person? Thomas (as in the train but he doesn't even watch that show.)
  • Is there anything else you want to tell me? Ya.
  • Do you have a brother or sister? sister
  • What is her name? Sister Thomas (????? now he is getting silly : ) )
  • What? This, he points to the book.
  • Anything else? A-Addyson
  • Was this fun? Ya.

Friday, March 26, 2010

First trip to SDC

Today, Angela and I braved a trip to Silver Dollar City with 4 kids by ourselves.  We were NOT thinking when we planned to take this adventure on a Friday during Spring Break!  It was crazy!  To make matters worse. we followed the GPS (I won't call it all the bad names I was calling it during our drive) which took us over an hour out of our way and took us on super windy roads!  We got there in just over 3 hours and we were SO done and so were the kids.  Owen threw up on the way there and after 2.5 hours in the car everyone started melting down!  Of course, they fell asleep 10 minutes outside of Branson so we let them sleep in the car for about an hour before heading in. 

We headed straight for the kiddie rides and they boys had a blast!  They road this ladybug ride 5 times.  There was no line so they would get off and then run around and get back in line!  It was really cute!
I wasn't sure how cautious Owen would do on the rides but once he rode it one time he was hooked!
Addyson was too little to ride any of the rides but she had fun just being outside and eating her favorite, pretzels!
She also had fun looking for Owen!  The boys would wave to her and she would wave back!
While the boys road the ladybug ride, Angela waited in line for a bigger ride that needed an adult to ride with the boys.  It worked out great!  Since Angela was carrying her 3 month old, Conner, in a sling I traded her places in line and rode with the boys while she stayed with Addyson.
This ride is neat because the kids can push a black button that makes their bug go up and down!  After this ride Owen said he was tired.  Yikes!  We drove all this way and after an hour he was done.  I couldn't blame him.  It was 2 and his nap time!  We decided to go eat lunch and see if that helped everyone.  I waited in line for ONE HOUR to get lunch.  Angela had the kids at a table where I couldn't see them and she was trying hard to entertain them with the snacks she had.  By the time I showed up with food everyone was starving and tired!  We gobbled everything up and then headed over to ride the train!
This ended up being our last ride.  Owen fell asleep halfway through it!  Poor guy!  We loaded up in the car and it wasn't long before the kids were asleep.  Looking back, we can't say if this was a good day or not.  It was a long day, that's for sure!  We both have seasons passes so we know next time not to go on a Friday or any time around a long weekend!
And next time we won't follow the GPS!!!  We'll take our way and get there an hour quicker!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This morning we went to a stick gathering bonfire at Jacob's grandma's farm!  Jacob is one of Owen's good friends and we were excited when Jacob's mom called to invite us out for the day!  The farm is the big piece of land on Weddington off I-540 that has all the cattle on it.  Every year, grandma invites all the kids in the family and their friends to come out and help her pick up sticks!  It is fun for the kids to ride around on the tractor looking for sticks and then they get to pick them up and throw them in the fire!!!
It is great for grandma because it is "free" labor and helps her get her land ready for Spring!
The kids had a blast and all they asked for in return for all their hard work was a couple of hot dogs, s'mores, and chips!  It was a perfect trade and a great way to spend our morning!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A few of A's favorites

Emily got Addyson this Minnie Mouse for Disneyworld last summer.  Then, Addyson was too young to appreciate Minnie.  Now that she is older, she loves her!  When I watch Addyson play with dolls or stuffed animals, I'm amazed at how loving and caring she is at such a young age.  She plays with them much differently than Owen did at her age and even at his age now.  Is that one of the differences between girls and boys?  Girls are just born with that innate ability to love and nurture!
She loves to put a doll in the stroller and push it around.  She has this look of pride and joy on her face!  I just love watching her!
And she loves to give kisses!!!  Yes, she is kissing Minnie she is not trying to eat her nose it is just that her nose is a bit big and gets in the way!!!  Really tempting for a little girl that likes to put everything in her mouth! : )
Addyson also loves to play with this barn Lori gave Owen for his 1st Christmas.  She knows how to close all the different doors!!  We are working on teaching her how to open them!  For now, Owen helps her open them!
I just love watching them play together!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sledding into Spring

When I think of the first day of Spring, I think of the sun shinning and maybe a bit of rainfall (April showers bring May flowers) but I never think of a snow storm!  Yesterday was the first day of Spring and when we went to bed there was about 3 inches of snow on the ground.  Brad said he'd be surprised if it was still there in the morning after all, we were just wearing short sleeve shirt and eating outside the night before!
We never imagined we wake up to over 9 inches of snow on the ground with more snow still falling!  The snow came past Owen's knees!  And it was wet snow so it was great packing snow!
I never thought on the first day of Spring I'd have to go find all of the kids cold weather gear!!  Addyson couldn't wait to go outside and join in the fun!
Brad was able to make some life sized snowmen!!!!  Down the street, they made a GIGANTIC snowman that used rakes for arms!  It was as tall as the house!  I wish I had a picture of it!
The kids really enjoyed playing in the snow for one last time of the season!
I can't believe we were sledding into Spring!
What a morning!  Owen couldn't keep his eyes open after coming inside!
Happy Spring!!!!  We now have playing in the snow out of our system!  Bring on the warm weather!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Branson Trip with Moms and Kids

Brad was out of town this week and I knew he would be home Friday night but had to work all day Saturday so I thought it would be best if the kids and I weren't there to bug him so I asked my friend Rosemary if she wanted to take a mini road trip!  She is just as brave crazy as I am so she didn't even question the idea of taking 3 YOUNG kids to Branson by ourselves.
Our trip started out with a bit of adventure as we were pulling into Branson!  About 10 miles from the off ramp I noticed a car that was swerving and almost hit a car to its left.  As I saw this happening, I honked my horn which luckily got the attention of the drivers in both cars or it could have been a yucky scene!  I tried my best to get way ahead of this car and keep another car in between her and I, I had precious cargo I had to protect!  This worked until she speed up to get off the highway.  YIKES! At this point, I asked Rosemary to call the cops and I let the lady get in front of me so I could keep my eye on her and I was less likely to be hit by her.  Lucky for us, and thanks to my defensive driving, we were all safe and the cops caught up to us!  The police asked us to pull over to write a statement and they told us they didn't smell alcholo on her breath but she didn't pass any of the tests they gave her so they took her off in hand cuffs.  Get this, 1) she drove in from Arkansas so that is many miles of highway she drove in that condition 2) she was on her way to work!  Scary!  The cops said we saved someone's life that day!  We were a little shaken up after that but were glad to have it behind us!
We were glad when we finally made it to Castle Rock Hotel and could get our swimsuits on and enjoy the rest of our day!

As soon as we got to the water park we had a mini picnic!  Rosemary and I had each brought stuff to make yummy sandwiches and snacks to go with.  Turns out, you are not suppose to bring in outside food!  Oops!  We went in the side door so we didn't see any of the signs about the rules of the place posted at the front door.  The manager was kind enough to wait until we were done eating and then he came up and nicely told me the rules.  He said he knew kids were a bit finicky and so he didn't want to make us put it all away but to know for next time.  I thought that was very nice of him to be mindful enough to wait.  Not sure what we would have done if we had to pack it all up with starving kids looking at us!
There was a great kiddie pool that all three kids could play in.  There was just enough water for them to splash around but not too much to where it would come over Addyson's head if she fell down.  It had a little fish slide that the kids had so much fun playing on!
It didn't take Addyson long to figure out how to climb up the stairs!
 She wasn't quit sure what to think of the splashing water at the top of the steps!
I would help her sit down and then she would slide....
 and Rosemary would catch her! She loved it!

After a full morning of playing, we went back to the hotel room for the kids to rest.  It didn't take long before they were all asleep!  Rosemary and I took chairs outside and ate some chips and salsa and chit chatted while the kids napped.  What a great afternoon!
When the kids woke up, we headed to the Branson Landing to play and eat!  We knew we had to soak up as much of this pretty day as we could because we knew bad weather was just around the corner!

We went to eat a Joe's Crab Shack and were so thankful there was a table outside for us to sit at!!! From our seat we could see the water fountain show, which if you haven't seen, is really neat!  The water dances to music with different color lights lighting up and every now and then you'll see fire!!  Owen kept yelling, "I want more fire!"  People around us were laughing!  The kids also had fun looking for boats going up the river!

After dinner, we had to walk off all that yummy food!  The Landing is such a great place to walk around and there is so much to see!  Of course, we had to make a stop at the fountain!
Addyson was so happy to get out of the stroller and explore!  I had a stranger come up and say, "you know what would be the prefect shot?  Have her stand looking at the water."  I said, "I totally agree and I've been trying but she won't stay still long enough! : )"  This is the best I got.
A trip to the Landing wouldn't be complete without a stop at Marble Slab!  Owen was SO nice and shared his ice cream with his sister!  If she left a bit on the spoon he would put the spoon back in her mouth and tell her she forgot some! : )
What a night!  We left there about 9 and tried so hard to keep the kids awake as we drove back to the hotel!  Then it was off to bed with these sleepy heads!!!
The next morning was SO cold and rainy!  I made a quick run to Krispy Kreme for hot doughnuts and then the kids were off to swim!
We enjoyed our last couple of hours at the pool and now that Owen was use to everything he was a little more brave on the slide and going into the other pools!  There is also a lazy river on the top floor that we enjoyed going around and around!  They even have double tubes that have a seat for little kids!!!  Addyson had so much fun riding the lazy river and watching all the kids!
Looking back, it was a wonderful couple of days!  The kids were great, they played so well together, and they listed to both of us.  It went much better than Rosemary and I had expected!  I can't wait to go again!
It started to rain pretty hard as we headed out of Branson and right as we got to into town it started to snow!  We made it home just in time and I'm very thankful we burned off some energy before being snowed in!! : )

Thursday, March 18, 2010

11 Months

Our little Sweet Pea is just a month away from turning one year old! I can't believe it. Time is just flying by now that I am chasing after 2 little ones. It makes me really sad but I am loving every minute of it. Addyson continues to be a big girl and a "go get her". She doesn't shy away from much except strangers! ; ) She is out going and doesn't let much stop her or get in her way.... she just figures out a way to get around it.
She walks with great confidence and is starting to pick up speed. She isn't running yet but if you act like you are going to get her then she tires to get away as quick as she can! She loves to be chased and you can hear her giggling throughout the house when someone is after her! She is becoming a good climber and can climb the stairs of most jungle gyms and anything that is not too high for her to get her little foot up there. She isn't afraid to play with the big kids and try to keep up! We went to the park and she figured out the "loop" by herself! She climbed up the stairs, walked over to the slide, slid down (with my help because she tries to walk down or goes face first), and then walked back over to the stairs to do it all over again! No fear!
She just cut her 4th tooth in 3 weeks! She now has 4 top teeth and 3 bottom ones and thankfully she doesn't use them too often on mommy! She is a great eater and LOVES her green veggies especially asparagus, spinach, and green beans! She is eating meat all by herself and I think she is glad to have that variety in her diet! She loves to drink water out of a sippy cup and will often drink bother's if he isn't watching! Her new favorite snack is pretzels!! She knows the bag and if she sees it she starts pointing and making a "Uh" noise. You can often see her carrying around her snack cup munching on pretzels!
I love going out with her and watching her take everything in! If she sees something she wants or is curious about something, she points and says "Uh". She knows 3 baby signs; "all done", "more", and "brush teeth". She watches Owen brush his teeth every night and I think she is ready for her own tooth brush! Guess mommy needs to make a trip to the store!

She loves to give kisses and hugs and will often do it on request! This makes mommy really happy!! : ) She has lots of sounds and grunts and a lot of them I can be convinced are "words" but that might just be wishful mommy thinking! ; ) She says, "O", dada, mama (this usually only when she wants something, like to be picked up). When we are leaving or when I put her to bed she waves "bye"and says "by". When she sees someone on the phone or she has one of our cell phones she puts her hand or the phone to her ear and says, "hi". Addyson has more "words" but it is hard to think about all the sounds she makes when the house is quiet and she is napping! ; ) I usually just copy her and don't even think about what exact sound she just made. Guess I need to pay closer attention!
She loves to dance and listen to music!! She has so much fun at music class!! She loves to play all of the instruments and dance with the other kids!! Her favorite song is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", she sings along and makes the "twinkle" sign as soon as we start singing! After we are done with an instrument, the teacher brings out a basket to put the instruments in and I am SO proud to say that Addyson walks over and puts her instrument in all by herself!!!!! I'm a bit shocked that she "gets it" at this age but I guess she is smarter than I giver her credit for!
She likes to share and often offers a toy or piece of food to anyone close by!!! She loves it when I eat what she is offering me! Such a sweetie! Her favorite game is "peek a boo" and she loves to go behind our glass door from the den and then peek around it. She giggles so much during this game! She also takes any sort of clothing and puts it on her head to play "where is Addyson". Owen loves this game too so they spend lots of time finding each other! She is growing and changing every day! I can't wait to see what she learns this month!