Saturday, July 31, 2010

German Night

Tonight we went to the Concordia Club in Kitchener Ontario.  It is a great German restaurant that has a band play on Friday nights.  Surprisingly, I have never been before so I was super excited when Mar suggest we go as a big group with her family and leave the kids at home with a baby sitter.  Here is our big group minus Becky.
If you know me, you know I love a good German meal!!!!  I was so excited to eat schnitzel with brown gravy, knoedels, and red cabbage!!!  Yummy!!!!!  It was really nice to eat it all by myself while it was still hot!!!!
There were a few main dishes ordered so it was nice to sample some other things off of your neighbor's plate!!!  Thanks dad for sharing your sauerkraut with me!!!!  The only other person missing from the table was Brad.  I'll have to bring him here next time!!!
After we ate and drank all we could we were ready to dance.  The band was the traditional Bavarian band and they played a bit of old English classics and some old German ones as well!!!  See the lady in the white sweater vest with the yellow shirt under it dancing with Mar???  That is her 91 year old mother!!!  Can you believe it?!?!  Nana loves to go dancing and she had so much fun that night!!!  I know Papa had a good time watching and wishes he would be out there tearing up the dance floor like they use to!!! ; )
Here are the cousins; Tyler, Me, Brandon, and Dieter.  But the best thing about this picture is all of the empty plates and glasses!!!!  A sign of a great night!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Family and Friends

We are so blessed to have so many great friends and family all over the world!!!  I love that we are able to go up to Canada a couple of times a year to visit everyone!!!  I want to make sure my kids know and have a relationship with all of the people that are so important to us!!!  This visit I was finally able to go to the Peace Garden where Oma is buried and now my Auntie Gabby is buried beside her.  We went there with Opa and my cousin Ricky who the kids call Uncle Ric.  There is a little lake there with some benches and it was so beautiful.  I was happy to see that these two important women in my life are now in a peaceful place!
I am so thankful that Opa is in such good health and good spirits.  I love spending as much time with him as I can during our visits to Canada.  The kids just love him!!!!
We were also able to spend a whole weekend with our cousins Gary (right) and Kevin (left) and their friend in the middle.  Their mom is my cousin Jenny (Ricky's sister) and we were so close growing up.  Gary is a really good basketball player and there has been talk about him coming to live with us so he can go to school here and play basketball and hopefully get "discovered".  I'll be anxious to see if he comes.
This trip we got to meet a couple of new babies!!!  My friend Nicole had baby Grayson just after we left in January so this was our first time to meet him.  Owen was SO sweet and brought Grayson toys to play with!
Look, he is just as big as Addyson even though he is almost a year younger!!!  Addyson just LOVED having  a baby around to play with!!!
My friend Kathy just had baby Chloe about a week before we got there!  I was excited to go meet her and see big sister Sophie!!!!  Owen was happy to have a kid his age to be able to play with!!!  I think he started to miss his friends after being away from home for so long!!!  We are so thankful for all of our friends!!!
 This trip I was really fortunate to be able to spend lots of time with my brother and sister!!!  Usually everyone is busy and there isn't a lot of "bonding" time but this trip was different and I was very thankful for that!
Nina was so great and watch the kids a couple of nights so I could go out with Becky and Dieter.  We had SO much fun!!!!  Sibling Nite Out!!!!!  I just wish we could have gone out while Brad was here.  Next time!
 This was one of our nights out.  Becky and I also went to a Kid Rock and Bon Jovi concert but had no batteries in our camera so we got no pictures.  All of the bonding time was great for our relationship!!!  Becky and I had a rocky couple of years and it feels SO good to have a strong relationship with her again!!!  I've missed her!!!  She is a great sister and great aunt and I'm thankful to have her back!!!!  I love our visits to Canada!!!! 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dinner with Opa

Tonight Nina and Becky had to work so dad and I had to fend for ourselves.  Across the street is a place called Hockey Sushi that has an all-you-can-eat deal that I have been wanting to try.
I convinced dad that we should take the kids and he agreed!!!  Addyson loves to carry her bag these days.  Doesn't it look like she is talking on the phone while trying to carry her bag?!?!  Where does she get that from??? : )
When you walk in the door there is a big fish tank that the kids were drawn too.  It kept them entertained while we ate!!!

So how it works is you order a bit, eat it, and then order some more.  So as soon as we sat down we got food ordered for the kids.  Owen was so excited to be eating with chop sticks!!!!
All of the food was great and they had lots to choose from.  I got stuff I knew the kids would like and then I go them a sushi roll to try.  Addyson loved it!!!!!
The problem was the wait in between rounds.  The kids were getting a bit antsy so we entertained them.....
and I bribed them with ice cream..... two bowls of it!!!!  Hey, you do what you gotta do to be able to eat in peace and quiet!!!! : )
Look at all that food!!!!  Dad doesn't normally open THAT wide but it made for a good picture!!! : )  Can you tell we were having fun!!!
And we finished every last bite!!!!  Delicious!!!!

Day with Teetee

Today was a day full of fun with Teetee Bec!  Becky was watching Preston, her friend's little boy who is 2, and wanted help entertaining him!!!  Who better to help with that than Owen and Addyson!!! 
First Becky and the boys walked down to Tim Horton's and stopped to see the firetrucks on the way.  Addyson and I followed about 15 minutes behind in the car so we could pick them all up and head to our next stop.
There is a GREAT indoor play facility for kids that we just heard about and so we thought we'd give it a try.  I was SO impressed when we got there!!!  First there was this HUGE playscape. It was big and everything was padded so I could go up there and play with the kids and my knees weren't killing me!!!
Everything was SO clean!!!  It was a nice change from playing in yucky restaurant playscapes!!!!
There was a caged area in the center where kids could play with balls!!!  It was nice and kept the balls contained so you weren't worried about a flying ball hitting another kid!!!  As you can imagine, Owen spent lots of time in here!!!
They also had a crooked house (did you see the episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 where they got 3 of these?).  It was really cool to be able to see inside them!!!  They are really nice!!!!
We had fun racing eachother down these slides!!!  Addyson was determined to walk up them but it was a bit hard with the socks on.  Which I forgot to mention, you HAVE to wear socks and leave your shoes in the lockers before you even step foot in the play area!!!  I think that's part of what helps keep everything so clean!
The kids had a great time playing.  It was hard to convince them it was time to go home!  I can't wait to go back with them at Christmas time!!!  It will be a perfect place to burn off some energy in the winter months!!
Thanks Teetee Bec for a great day!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dinosaur Train

Today we rode the "dinosaur train", at least that's what Owen called it.  It is really the train that goes from St. Jacobs downtown area to St. Jacobs Market and then to Waterloo.  Owen was SO excited when we told him we'd be riding the train and then automatically he thought of his favorite show and made the connection that we would ride the dinosaur train.  I didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise! : )
We caught the train at the market and then rode for 20 minutes to Waterloo.  The plan was to stay in Waterloo and play at their great splash park but due to naps we got a bit of a late start so we just rode to Waterloo and then rode it right back!
The kids didn't care one bit since they had no idea of the water park.  For them, the train was SO exciting and fun and that was our adventure!!!
Riding this train with Addyson made me realize how big she is getting and how she really enjoys doing most, if not all, of what Owen likes to do.  We had talked about the possibility of Nina and Owen riding the train and Addyson and I would pick them up in the car.  I'm SO glad we decided for us all to ride!!!
She just LOVED it!!!
Just like on dinosaur train, the conductor came and punched our ticket!!!!
And in true Addyson fashion, the ticket went right in her mouth!!! : )
The kids had SO much fun yelling "Choo Choo" every time the train sounded its horn!!!  It was so funny to watch!!!!
What a great trip on this old restored "dinosaur" train!!!!
All the fun wore the kids out!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trip to Wasaga Beach

Today we (Nina, Bec, Tyler, the kids, and I) headed to Wasaga Beach for the day.  We wanted to go when Brad was in town but never really got the opportunity.  It is better to go here during the week anyways because it isn't as crowded.  The kids had a nap on the way so they were ready to hit the water when we got there!
Addyson headed right in!!!!  This little girl is so brave!!!!  She was so happy to be in the water and be able to splash!
She had so much fun running in and out of the water.  She was giggling the whole time!!!  It was really cute to watch!
Poor Owen, his mommy left his swimming trunks at home so he had to swim in his underwear.  He asked me a couple of times where his suit was but thankfully he got use to the idea of swimming without them.
I had thought about packing sand toys but forgot those too.  Luckily, these guys don't know the difference so they got to work using their hands and some of the plastic cups we brought.
Teetee Bec isn't a fan of swimming but, she does like to play in the sand!!!  She made it her mission to make something for Owen.  Addyson tried to "help" but was undoing most of what Bec did so I had to distract her a bit.
Finally Becky's masterpiece was complete!!!!  Yay, Owen!!!!
What day at the beach would be complete without some kind of beach "ball" game?!?!  How about a game of soccer?!?! : )
Tyler was SO good with the kids.  See him holding Owen WAY out there?!!?  I love this picture.  Thanks Bec for taking some shots with my camera!
The problem with me traveling alone with the kids is that I'm rarely in the pictures!!!  
But thanks to Bec, I got some good pictures.... including her self portrait which is always a must with her!! : )
Addyson didn't have a great nap in the car so she started getting a bit sleepy and clingy after an hour at the beach.  I went and found a nice, shaded, grassy are under a tree and the two of us took a nice nap!!!  It felt so good to lay outside, in the fresh air and fall asleep to the sound of waves!!!!  We must have napped close to two hours!!!!
I was so thankful to have such good people watching Owen.  Little guy got to keep swimming and learn how to splash in the water (thanks Nina for the demonstration!!!) while mommy and Addyson took a rest!
After our nap, we took a quick swim and then we fed the seagulls our scraps before we headed out!!
A trip to Wasaga would not be complete without a stop by Mr. Norm's Ice Cream Parlor!
It was SO sweet, when we pulled up Owen yelled, "We've been here before with my dad!!!"  I was SO surprised he remember our visit here last year and the sound of his voice was so cute.  It was like it felt good to him to be able to connect this trip somehow to his dad that wasn't here!  We love the ice cream here, you get to make your own.  You pick for a list of flavors and they add all that you want into a machine with a block of ice cream or frozen yogurt and then squeeze it out into a cone.  I love tasting all of the different creations!!!
And so does Addyson!!!  Notice a summer theme here?!?!!
What a great day trip!!!