Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life as a Student and Mom

 So it was bound to happen!!!! Life as a mom AND student AND single parent were bound to collide and test my limits.  And today it all came to a head. 
 I had a take home test due today at 4pm.  Yesterday, after school, Addyson came down with a fever of 104 and started throwing up by about 6 that night and threw up several times throughout the evening and into the night.  To top it all off, Monday Brad left town for a week.
 Luckily I started my test on Monday and had answered every question with a broad answer that I had planned to go back and fill in.  But, with a sick baby that could only sleep on my lap and having to stop every 30 minutes or so to either clean up throw up or give more medicine, I didn't get many details filled in on the test and I had to turn it in as is and just hope for the best.
I hated to not give an exam 100% but I realize now that going to school, being a mom, and being a single parent 80% of the time isn't going to be as "easy" as I thought it would be.  I'm definitely questioning my decision to start school at this time but I won't let this stop me.  Just a bump in the road and having my test turned in is a bit of a relief.  Now I can go tend to my sick baby guilt free.  Here's to a speedy recovery and a decent grade on my exam!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cowboy (and Girl) Day

Today was Cowboy Day at the kids school.  They do this event every year about this time.  Preacher Larry brings his horses for the kids to ride and they make a full day of it.
All the kids dress up in their cowboy gear and it is so cute to see them all!!!  Last year Owen didn't have cowboy boots so when I found a pair at a consignment sale this year I had to grab them!!!  I also found a pair of black boots for Addyson that look a bit like cowgirl boots!!!  I thought she looked SO cute in her jean overall dress!!! : )  Kiptyn chewed the back of one of the hats but a couple of staples and a bit of tape helped mend it!!! : ) As usual, they meet up with their good friend Ana Marie in the parking lot and walked in with her!!!
I knew what time they would be riding the horses so I drove up to their school to take some pictures.  I kept a safe distance so Addyson wouldn't see me and get distracted.  I was glad to see one of her teachers get on the horse to help the kids ride and then her other teacher walked the kids over one by one to ride.  See Addyson clinging on for dear life???  She wanted NOTHING to do with riding the horse.  Maybe next year!
Next was Cowboy Owen's turn!!!  He's all ready to ride his brown horse!!!
Giddy up horsey!!!
It was cute to see Addyson's class in their buggy watching the other kids ride.  She didn't mind seeing the horses from a distance!!!  And even though I was this close to take pictures, she never saw me!!! : )  I love this event every year and look forward to Cowboy Day next year!!!
Bye Bye Horses!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Timber

 Our little neighbor, Timber, and my mom share the same birthday (September 23rd) which is kind of fun!  Since the 23rd was a Thursday and the Razorback game was Saturday, her parents decided to celebrate her birthday on Sunday.  It is SO nice that they live right, since we are usually running late, this time we were the first to show up since all we had to do is walk one door down!! : )
 It was a little chilly but that didn't stop the kids from having fun!!!  They played baseball, jumped on the trampoline, and broke a pinata!!!
 Here are the kids showing off their loot (Owen still trying to figure out everything that he has in his bag!).
 Addyson wants to know if Bubba got anything good. : )
Timber picked out her own birthday cake, chocolate cake with chocolate icing!!!  A girl after Owen's heart!: )
Happy Birthday Timber!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Arkansas vs. Alabama

 Today we went with our good friends, Joe and Lisa, to the Arkansas vs. Alabama football game.  Actually, we went with our families to tailgate and then we split up to watch the game since we had student tickets and they had box tickets!!!  We all loaded up in one car (thanks to our third row!!!) and headed out to find parking.  We loaded up our cups and
 and our kids
 and grabbed our gear to cheer on the Hogs!!!
 Our first stop was the Watson's tailgating spot!  It was a perfect spots for the kids to eat hot dogs, watch all the razorback fans, and call the Hogs!!!!
 Before we headed out to Joe's work's tailgating spot, my mom came and picked up Addyson and Carina to take them back to her house to nap.  We snapped a quick Razorback Family Photo before our tired little one left.
 Owen swore he wasn't tired, even though it was nap time, but his legs needed a rest so daddy carried him.

I don't think 2 minutes passed before I looked at him and saw a sleeping little Razorback fan.
 It is kind of hard to get comfortable when your dad is weaving in and out crowds but,
 he sure did try!!!
 At one point I had to help hold his head up.  He had it leaning ALL the way back and was getting bumped by the many fans that passed (closely) by.
 We made it to our next stop but there wasn't a free chair so I asked the tailgaters next to us if we could borrow one of theirs.  Thanks to them, Brad and Owen got a little "quiet" time!  Just enough for them to recharge and get ready for the game!!!

It was a GREAT game and we had SO much fun!!!  It is nice to take Owen on a little mommy and daddy date and get some one on one time with him.  He now has a little routine where he stops to get a funnel cake after his first bathroom break!!!
Despite our loss (which we shouldn't have had), it was a great game!!!


 Folding laundry at my house can be frustrating at times for me.  My sweet, little Addyson likes to be mommy's helper and I should be more than excited about this.  I really do try to be!!  I usually try to fold towels with her and let her take the washcloths and smaller towels but sometimes I just have to fold shirts and I just have to let her help.  I try to foster this love of laundry so it doesn't die out and in 10 years I'm fighting her about putting away her clothes.  I know, I know... probably doesn't matter what I do now, she'll hate laundry in 10 years. I'm hoping this post will help with that.  I can pull out our book of posts, look this one up, and her and I can talk about how much she use to love laundry; Folding...
Carrying it to my room,
 And putting it away!!!!
Job well done!!! : )

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dancing in the backyard

Tonight we gathered with our neighbors and our friends Matt and Lori in Lisa and Joe's backyard. We had a potluck dinner and enjoyed the beautiful night!!! Every time we get together we play the iPod and as the night goes on the music gets louder and louder!!! Luckily most of the neighbors are with us so no one complains!!! :)

Tonight, the festivities lead to dancing in the backyard under the stars!!! I wish I had pictures of all the couples!!! It was so much fun!!! Reminds me how lucky we are to have such great neighbors, friends, and each other!!!

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What is 92.9 you might ask. Is it my favorite radio station??? My temperature after swimming in Beaver Lake in November??? The weight of my two kids combined?? The total amount I gained during both pregnancies??? It is none of the above. I'd like to yell at the top of my lungs that it is my first test grade as an experimental psychology PhD student!!! And not just any ol' test, it is my advanced behavioral neuroscience test!!!

I CAN be a student and a mom!!! Thanks to all who helped watch the kids (since Brad was out of town all week!!). All my hard work paid off!!! One down, 5 more to go!!! I think I can, I think I can!!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Nammie!

Happy Birthday Nammie!!!  My mom's birthday is 10 days after mine so the kids get a little spoiled with birthday celebrations in September with all the mini parties for the two of us!  Owen hears "birthday" and starts asking for chocolate cake!!!  Before we talked about dessert, we took mom to Green House Grill for dinner!!! SO yummy!!!  We love the delicious, organic meals they have on the menu so when mom asked to go there we jumped at the idea!!!
After dinner we headed over to Bliss Cupcakes for a birthday treat!!! Look how happy we are to be there! :)
It didn't take long for the boys to dig in and try one of the 10 different flavors of cupcakes and cupcake balls we got to try!!!!
Her "cheese face" says it all!!! : )
"Nammie, can I try some of your icing???"
"Delicious!!!"  What a great way to celebrate Nammie's birthday!!!  We followed treats with a walk around the square!  What a great night!

Meet Ashley

Ashley is our WONDERFUL nanny that has been with us since the start of school... about a month.  Poor thing was thrown into our crazy lives with no explanation and jumped in with both feet and started swimming!  I'm so impressed.  We found her about 2 days before I had to start school so I never had a chance to sit with her and go over things.  Instead, she has learned by doing and has done a great job!!!  She is so thoughtful, caring, friendly, outgoing, and just all around a great girl!  We couldn't be happier or luckier!  Brad was out of town for my birthday and I had night class so Ashley was home with the kids and I figured I'd come home and just have a regular night.  Instead, she somehow figured out it was my birthday before hand, brought a cake mix to my house, and made a cake with the kids for me and practiced with them how to sing "Happy Birthday".  I came home to a wonderful surprise that really touched my heart!  She is part of our family and we are so glad!!!!

Poor Dogs

 Now that Addyson is mobile and strong I feel really bad for the little dogs!!  Her favorite thing to do is pick them up and carry them around.  I have been trying to get a picture that captures her carrying them but it is always blurry or she gently puts them down before I can get my camera ready.
 Skip is quick on his feet and open will snap bark at her when she gets to close and MOST of the time that works.  Every now and then Skip doesn't stand a chance against her.  Then there is poor Old Man Sam who is 16, shakes, isn't good on his feet, and can barely see... he doesn't stand a chance when Addyson is determined!!!  But look how happy she is!!  Then look at the death grip she has on him.  Poor guy!  I know he didn't sign up for this in his old age!
Then there is Kiptyn, our very active puppy.  Hummm.... what is Owen doing and where did he learn this from?!?!  "Time out Kiptyn!"  On the flip side, I do need to say that our dogs are VERY loved and now that Owen AND Addyson have figured out where the treats are, the dogs get LOTS of goodies throughout the day!  Wonder if, in their mind, that is worth all the grief they get throughout the day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Addyson is almost always happy!!!  She is happy as long as she has what she wants and can do what she wants all by herself!!!  My independent little one!!!  She is our family clown and will do anything for a laugh which includes making a "cheese face" upon request!!!!  Our little miss LOVES her snacks and a big cup with a straw!!!  If Brad and I have a drink in the front seat she will loudly "request" for the cup until you give in and give it to her.  Once she has both hands full, she is a VERY Happy Little Girl!!!! : )

Monday, September 20, 2010


 This morning we were outside playing with Carina and enjoying the beautiful weather!  Owen had gone inside to "get something" and came out with the firetruck and firemen hats!!!
 It was so cute because he had gotten 3 hats and let me know that he had gotten a hat for everyone!!!!  I was so proud of him and his thoughtfulness!!!
 Carina picked out hers and was ready to play!!!  I guess all those times of me preaching how we share with our friends paid off!!!  This time I didn't even have to remind him!! : )
"Hurry!  Get in!  Let's go find the fire!!!"