Sunday, November 28, 2010

Days of Fishing

 Since we knew we would be staying on the lake, Brad packed all of his fishing gear and told Owen and Lucy to be ready to fish!!!  They were both ready!!  So much so that that is all they talked about for days leading up to the trip and that is the first thing they asked for in the morning..... and noon, and night!
 They were both so excited to get dressed in their fishing jacket, get the worms, find their fishing poles and head down to the dock.
 When Brad got the worms out I thought the kids would say "Ewww!!!" and keep their distance,
 but, I was VERY wrong!
 The worms were a HUGE hit and I think they spent 30 minutes just playing with them!
 And then they were ready to start fishing!

 It probably would have been smart to have life jackets but we forgot those.  We just used Addyson's hood as a bit of a leash for her!! : )
 My little fisherman!
 Happy to be doing what the big kids are doing!!!
Having fun fishing with Uncle Brad!
 Teaching his newest little fishing buddy!
 Patiently waiting for a nibble.
 After catching NO fish the first day, Mike and Brad were on a roll day two!
 "Who wants to touch it?"  Not Addyson, she takes a step back!
 She heard this was the hot spot so she is giving it a try!
 Second trip out, Addyson is getting a bit braver.  Wow, look at this pretty one!
 Not to be outdone, I finally caught one!!!!!
We had so much fun fishing!!!!  It was a great spot, great weather, and beautiful scenery!!!  I know Owen is going to be a bit disappointed to not be able to fish 3 times a day when we go home.  Think I can hold him off until Spring???

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day in Hot Springs

 Chris and Holly have never been to Hot Springs so they wanted to get out of the house and we all needed a bit of fresh air and change of scenery so we headed out to down town Hot Springs.
 It was early, about 10am, but the car ride mellowed the kids out.  We put them in the stroller and they laid right back.  Owen assumed his "resting" position which is putting his arms behind his head.
 I was afraid they weren't going to make it.
 Luckily, when Lucy showed up Owen got a burst of energy.  The two of them had a lot of fun exploring the bath houses together.
 And having big opens rooms to run around in and listen to yourself echo provided lots of entertainment!
We all laid down to get a bit of the cure before we left.  See me laying on my belly since Addyson is on my back?!!
 Next, we headed down one of the walking trails behind the main strip.
 The kids weren't so keen on hiking but once we came across a pile of leaves to play in they were all better!
 They looked at the map and helped us find our way.  They heard there would be a surprise at the end and that motivated them to hike with us!!!  That also helped motivate some of the adults that would have rather been sleeping on the couch (I was included in that group! : )  )
X marked the spot of a yummy ice cream treat!  Good Brewster adventures!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

 For us, we celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday since everyone uses Thursday as a travel day.  Everyone signs up for a couple of dishes to have divide up the work and then we spend all morning cooking while the kids play!  It is SO much fun!
 This year Brad was in charge of the turkey.  Owen watch as Brad spiced it up.  As Owen examined the turkey he had a few questions for Brad.  "Dad, where is the turkey's head?"  "Is him sleeping?"  "Did that hurt him?"  Is this how a young kid becomes vegetarian???
 The layout of the house was perfect with a nice open kitchen so there could be lots of cooks at once!
 Here is our Thanksgiving photo!!!  Not so bad to have all but the two youngest kids looking!!!  Especially since it was taken with a timer so there was no one to get the kids to look!
Here is the kid's table!!!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Cousin Time

 Every year we get together with Brad's brother and his family and extended family.  It ends up being Chris, Holly, their two kids (Lucy and Simon) and then Holly's sister Lisa, Lisa's husband Mike and Holly's mom Barbara who the kids call Ama (that is what Lucy calls her grandma).  Even though we are not official in-laws with Holly's family we feel like family.  Once year we get together for Thanksgiving and the next year we'll get together sometime in the Fall.  It is so fun to get together and catch up!!! Each year a different couple gets to pick the location.  This year Mike and Lisa choose a House on the Lake in Hot Springs, Ar!!!  It was a great pick!
 Owen and Lucy are just a couple of weeks apart!  I love watching them play together.  Even though we live 9 hours apart and only get together a couple of times a year, the kids don't seem to skip a beat!
 This was Simon's first Thanksgiving and it was SO great to get to see how big he has gotten (the last time we saw him was at Addyson's birthday party in May).  Addyson LOVES babies so she was always trying to hold Simon and play with him.  It was really sweet!
 These two were two peas in a pod and did so good playing together!
 Lisa announced that next Thanksgiving there would be another family member!!!!  She is 18 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and was sharing her ultrasound pictures with us!!!  How exciting!
 We rented a nice house right on the lake and it had 2 living rooms!!  It was great to designate one the kid's room and the other the adult room!  It didn't take long for Owen to start the "couch bath" game!
 Rub a dub dub 4 cousins in a tub
Side by side!!!  
I'm so glad my kids have cousins to grow up with!!!  It makes family gatherings that much more fun!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not So Typical

 Thanksgiving Lunch
 Today we headed to Hot Springs to spend Thanksgiving with part of Brad's family.  We will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow with a big lunch.  Because we were en route our Thanksgiving lunch was not so typical!  I kind of felt guilty for eating fast food on this holiday but we didn't have many options!
 The kids woke up right outside of Conway so we stopped there for lunch.  We drove around for 30 minutes trying different places until we were at our wits end and finally discovered that Burger King was open.  Can you tell Brad is frustrated is glad we finally found a place to stop?!?! : )
 The kids were glad to get out and stretch their legs.  How we convinced them not to play in the playplace I have NO idea.
While we enjoy our burger and fries, I hope you are enjoying your turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie!!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fishing Practice

 We talked to the Austin Brewsters on iPhone video chat today and got the kids all excited about our upcoming trip to see them.  Brad made the mistake of telling Owen and Lucy that we would be going fishing and they should get ready to go.  Owen took that literally.
 All he talked about for the rest of the phone conversation and the rest of the day was how he wanted to go fishing.  He wouldn't be consoled by the fact that we would be fishing later in the week with Lucy.  He wanted to go NOW! ( Sorry Chris and Holly if Brad caused you guys any grief!! : ) )  Lucky for us, we can walk down the street and fish by the golf course and that is exactly what they had to do!!!
Addyson had to be put in the wagon with the dog because she picked up Skip and almost dropped him over the edge.  If I hadn't dropped the camera and ran Skip might still be swimming in the water!  Hopefully this mini fishing trip will appease Owen until we fish next week at the lake!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Aric Turns 21

 It is hard to believe my baby brother turns 21 today!!!  Does that make me old?!?!  Age is just a number, right?!?!  I think I still act young at heart!! : )  We spent the 20th pre-celebrating at our house and then Emily and I made him this shirt to wear to Dickson Street.
 We headed out at midnight to Dickson to celebrate his BIG day!!!
 But before we left it was a unanimous decision that he should do a "keg stand" off our kegarator.
Do not attempt this at home... 
I was SO excited when my best friend from the dorm, Georgia, said she would be coming to celebrate with us!!!
 She and her boyfriend Josh came to cheer Aric on.  It was SO much fun!!!!
 One last drink before we headed out!!!  Aric's tequila shot out of a sippy cup!  He won't need that any more!!! ; )
 We can check that one off the list!!!
 Happy Birthday Baby Brother!!!!