Saturday, January 8, 2011

20 Loads

I did it!  I went back to the laundromat!  The place I thought I'd never blog about turned out to be one of the best time savers of the year!  When I told my neighbors I spent the morning at the laundromat they asked me if my washer was broken!  Ha, no!
As crazy as this sound, my friend Angela and I decided to meet at the laundromat for some girl time!  We knew it would be hard to convince our husbands for a morning out so we disguised it as work and it ended up being fun!  Ok, really, our husbands would let us have a morning off but we felt guilty.  After the holidays our house is crazy and the laundry has piled up (as you can imagine) and I knew I needed to get caught up on laundry and housework before Brad left town for 2 weeks and I started back to school.
So Brad helped me load up ALL of our laundry and I headed out!  With ALL of our clothes, I loaded up 4 double washer and 4 triple washers!  I set back and watched my 20 loads of laundry ALL wash at ONE time!
While the clothes washed, Angela and I caught up since it had been the middle of December since we'd gotten together!  Then, we switched the clothes to the dryer and chatted some more!  What a great way to pass the time while the clothes wash and dry!
We folded ALL of our clothes and had all of our laundry and all of our girl time catching up done in 2.5 hours!  That would never have happened if we tried to do that at home!  I wouldn't mind doing this once a month!

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