Saturday, January 8, 2011

3 Weeks

Ok, it seems a bit weird to be writing this post when technically I don't even know I'm pregnant and it is too soon to tell.  However, I want to document my whole journey and it starts now!  I was rocking Addyson for nap and I got this overwhelming feeling that I was going to get sick.  It was at the moment I knew I was pregnant. I have had this feeling a couple of other times the past couple of days and thought it might be due to fatigue from all the travel but today was different. We are going to my mom's for Christmas this afternoon so I am not going to say anything to Brad so he doesn't have to try to keep our potential secret.
3 Weeks
Size of Baby Brewster:


Biggest Challenges: Thinking I am pregnant but not knowing for sure.  This is the earliest I have ever suspected I'm pregnant with any of my kids.  The "morning sickness" shows up around noon every day.  Brad says I'm a bit of a hypochondria so he thinks I have a little case of the flu.  We'll see!

Cravings:  I am eating like crazy.  Anything and everything.  Sweet or salty.  You name it.  Again, how to justify all of this eating when I'm not even sure I'm pregnant and I'm suppose to be participating in "The Biggest Looser" with my family.  If I keep this up, I, for sure, won't be the winner.

Gender:  If this was my second pregnancy I would guess a girl since I wasn't sick like this with Owen.  However, I wasn't sick like this with Addyson either so I'm at a loss for guessing!

Movement: Still waiting for baby to form.

Sleep: I can sleep just fine.  Already getting up once or twice a night to go to the bathroom.

What I miss:  I don't miss anything yet.  Well, because we cannot confirm I'm pregnant not much has changed although I am monitoring what I put into my body.

Maternity Clothes:  Still wearing my clothes but if I keep up all of this eating I"ll have to wear sweat pants before too long!

Emotions: I feel a bit more emotional than usual but nothing too strong.  I get teary eyed a bit more than normal.

Milestones: Getting excited at the thought of being pregnant!

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