Saturday, January 15, 2011

4 Weeks

4 Weeks

Size of Baby Brewster: a poppyseed
Biggest Challenges: Morning sickness!  Due to school, I don't want anyone to suspect/know I'm pregnant.  It is a bit hard to go about my day and act like everything is okay especially since my "sickest" times are around noon when I'm about and about with the kids.  The other challenge was determing I was pregnant.  Brad left for work on Tuesday and he'll be gone for two weeks.  We desperatly wanted to find out before he left so I took an at-home-test, a pee test at the health center, and a blood test at the health center.  They were ALL negative.  Yesterday I took a pregnancy test and it was FINALLY positive!!! Not telling anyone that I know I'm pregnant FOR SURE is SO hard

Cravings:  I am eating like crazy.  Anything and everything.  Sweet or salty.  You name it.  Now that I know I'm pregnant I don't feel so guilty however, if I keep up this kind of eating I'll gain 50 pounds this pregnancy (I usually average a 30 pound weight gain).

Gender:  Again, if this was my second pregnancy I would guess a girl since I wasn't sick like this with Owen.  However, I wasn't sick like this with Addyson either so I'm at a loss for guessing!

Movement: Finally have a ball of cells forming, no baby movement yet but on the way to making a baby.

Sleep: I can sleep just fine.  Already getting up once or twice a night to go to the bathroom.

What I miss:  I don't miss anything yet. I have a slight craving for beer.

Maternity Clothes:  Still wearing my clothes but if I keep up all of this eating I"ll have to wear sweat pants before too long!

Emotions: I feel a bit more emotional than usual but nothing too strong.  I get teary eyed a bit more than normal.  I also feel myself having a bit less patience than normal.

Milestones: Making Addyson her "2 of 3" "Stuck in the Middle" shirt and telling Brad over Skype yesterday!  This morning we went to Rick's with my mom and Addyson wore her shirt!  I needed mom to know I was pregnant because I really need her help these days with Brad gone and my nausea being unbearable at times.

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