Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beautiful Snowy Day

Today was a beautiful day!  The perfect day to bundle up (although we probably didn't need to put on as many layers as we did) and go for a walk.  A MUCH needed walk!  After being cooped up in the house with the kids for the past couple of days and having Brad out of town, it was nice to be together as a family and enjoy the day and the leftover snow!  I should first admit that our day started with a trip to Rick's bakery for sausage rolls and chocolate donuts and watching the decorators make beautiful cakes!  It is our special treat we do when we celebrate Brad coming home!  Makes for a fun morning!
I finally got Addyson to keep her gloves on!  That in combo with the nice weather allowed Addyson to actually enjoy herself outside!  It was fun to watch her fun around and giggle!
We loaded up the wagon and headed to the new neighborhood across the street from us.  It is a great place to walk and look for animals.  We also had fun walking through the houses that were being build and were open!  Open houses are a lot of fun for kids to run through!  Big, open rooms that echo!
My happy snow bunny!
My handsome, little man (that is a big fan of avoiding the camera these days)
Once we were where it was safe for the kids to get out and run they did just that!!!  Addyson is in a very independent stages these days.  Her favorite saying is, "I DO!"  She insists on doing everything!  So, she wanted to show us that she was big enough to pull the wagon!  She even tried to pull daddy in the wagon but mommy didn't get any pictures of that.
Owen and I had lots of energy to burn off so we left the other two in the dust and we went for a run.  He loves to be chased and I love how he laughs when I chase him!  He is my motivation to get moving!
Addyson's little legs finally got tired and she decided that she didn't need to pull the wagon anymore.  She actually decided that it would be best to ride on daddy's shoulders and have him pull the wagon.  Sometimes I wonder why we even bring the wagon since we end up carrying them at the end, they refuse to ride in it.  Does this happen to anyone else?
It was a great afternoon and I'm happy to say that mommy and daddy get to go on a date tonight while they kids play with Ashley!  What a perfect day with my wonderful family!

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