Saturday, January 22, 2011

Building Snowmen

The snow is finally good for making a snowman!!  So good that it rolls up so nicely in a ball!  The plan was for Owen to roll the head and daddy would make the body.
Well Owen started rolling and rolling and rolling!  And got a bit of help from Addyson!
He eventually, with LOTS of effort, rolled a snow ball so big that it was too big to be a head.
So daddy was left making his own snowman and Owen went to work making one for himself.  After all, there is more than one person in this family so Owen thought we needed enough snowmen to go around (well... almost).
The snow looks so light and fluffy, I didn't realize how heavy it would be when all compacted together in a tight ball.  What a good daddy to lift that up and make a BIG snowman for us!!
Addyson wouldn't put her gloves on so the snow would "burn" her hands and make her cry.  But, she didn't want to be left out of the fun, she cried about that too, so it was a real dilemma for her.
Her compromise was picking up a tiny snow ball and adding it to the top of the snowmen, she was helping with the packing part to make sure the heads didn't fall off!!  After she added the snow I would wipe off her hands and that seemed to help.  Man, if I could just get her to keep her gloves on!
Addyson was also in charge of helping me get carrots and cucumbers (it is what I had) from the house and take them to Owen to add the finishing touches.  She was pretty proud of this job.
Once the goodies were delivered the two of us came inside to get warm.  Owen and daddy stayed outside.  It amazes me how long Owen can stay outside, the cold doesn't seem to phase him.  I put a towel or two on the floor for our wet stuff and I looked over and Addyson had made herself a little bed.  That could weather must have worn her out!  Silly girl!
The guys built the two bigger snowmen, one for Brad and one for Owen (the one with the scarf), when Owen realized they didn't make one for me so they went back to work!  Now I have a snowman too, I'm the little one.  Not sure what happened to Addyson's snowman, guess we'll save that for another snow day!

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