Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cousin Time

This weekend we drove to Evansville, IN to meet our newest niece Olivia.  Wendy, Brad's sister, and her husband Andy welcomed baby Olivia Rose to the family January 11, 2011.  They planned to have her baptism on January 30th so we figured that was the perfect time to meet her!  It turned out that the rest of Brad's family was going to be in town as well!  The last time we were together with all of the the siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandma was about 4 years ago when Wendy got married.  That's a LONG time!
It was so nice to see everyone and an extra special treat for the kids who got to see their cousins Simon and Lucy who we just saw in November!  The kids picked right up where they left off!!!  Addyson was trying to be helpful with Simon and trying to feed him!  She also kept telling him "down" during this dinner, he kept standing up in his highchair and she was telling him he needed to sit down!  Awww, if she would only take her own advice!! : )
The same dinner, they had a musician that was playing guitar and singing and it was great entertainment for the kids!  The big kids were so good at including Addyson in most of their games!
Night time was lots of fun!  All the kids (minus Simon) cuddled up in a big bed on the floor and read stories with the dads!  One night Lucy slept in there with them and it was so cute to hear them in the morning, they woke up telling stories to each other!
Girl cousins are fun to have because they like to play make-up with you!  Lucy was the beautician and Addyson was the client.  She sat there so patiently and soaked up all of the big, girl cousin attention!
I love how Lucy has her mouth open as she puts on lipstick to Addyson and Addyson is closing her eyes and the make-up is being applied.  This is so how we would do it in real life!
I cannot get over how much these two are two peas in a pod!!!  It doesn't matter how much time has passed since the last visit, they always pick up right were they left off.  They get each other.  They play the same pretend games and there is rarely a squabble!!!  Holly and I love to sit back and watch them interact!
It looks like Addyson and Simon are starting to form the same kind of bond.  They were often found together getting into the same things!!! : )
And the kids loved looking at and touching baby Olivia!!!  I cannot wait until she is bigger and can run around with the gang!  I love that the family bond is so strong that it over compensates for the distance between the families and when we get together there is always good Cousin Time to be had!

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Great write up! It was such a great trip!